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Yes bison.The titanium hate thing is personal.1) I'm feel I'm too old to be walking around with metal bits sticking out of my footwear.2) IMO the titanium takes things too far. As in its too 'out there' for me.But it's just a personal thing.
It's a standard boot sole with a combat sole on top. The combat sole can be removed just to leave a standard boot finish.Normal options for this boot are dipped or not dipped. But ALL Have the titanium ankle insert. This is where this pair is so so so rare and unique....not having the titanium insert
Very very excited 😊 Super rare pair of CCP workboots on their way to me. I think it's a one off pair that hasn't ever been produced before. Non dipped and with NO titanium ankle inserts. For me the perfect boot (fingers crossed they fit 😁). It brings together all the elements I love about the dipped sneaker but in a sturdy boot form with none of the sole wear/dipped issues (And more importantly no titanium inserts) Bison leather, heavy as hell, delicious. I know they...
Wear black socks
"The worst aspects of sz"? What's wrong with harnden? What's wrong with ccp boots?
Like I said.....hardcore
They look grotesquely beautiful IMO. Never a fan of the titanium in any of his recent collection. But nevertheless cool
Nope. I wouldn't have said 'superb head to toe' about a photo of myself 😉I just think the CCP boots in the context of the whole outfit looks superb.
Hardcore CCP. Superb. Superb head to toe
One of the best Augusta workboot porn shots I've seen. And the shot that inspired me to buy the aw12 selvedge blazer Still one of the favourite pieces in my wardrobe!
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