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Eck. Didn't know you lived in San Antonio. I've been there!
I don't recognise your name tag on here!I remember 😉You took my advice and went Cors?
Coz he's nuts.If anybody is a sz48. You should kop this. 100% it's THE BEST leather out there.No question about it.Eck. You know I love ya, but you're crazy bro.
My pleasure to give an intro.
Campbell has a unique way. One I have no patience for.
I find that 'refusal to give measurements' so bloody annoying.
Hard to pull the wool over the eyes of such a wide group of people.You don't do yourself any favours doing shit like that....
He bought two pairs?
Why have you got 2 pairs for sale?
I wear CCP suits to work most days (with CCP derbys). Very easy to do In a corporate setting.
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