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Two more for you: (only coz there's so few pictures if these anywhere)
Cheers buddy. Over the moon with them. Gorgeous grotesque breasts. I'm so so happy that they don't have the titanium and although I initially wanted the drips, I'm glad i didn't go for it. One happy guy. Wife hates them. 😊
A bit of porn for the boyz Part of my current rotation: Knowledge test. Brand and fabric for full marks 😉 A Bad quality photo, but just to show the profile/dimensions of these beasts....
Let me know if you are interested. Great M.A+ Belt. http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18569
CCP Workboot. Non dipped and non titanium in bison.
Last pic 😘
Not really. Not having titanium inserts isn't an 'option'. The workboot was never released without titanium ankle inserts. So asking for a special order without titanium I suppose would be like asking for a dipped sneaker without dips. Which is obviously a no go. This was a one off unbelievably in my size that was spotted sitting in their workshop undyed. It was reserved for me. I may be wrong regarding the special order, but I'm sure I'm right. The whole story may be...
Here it is dipped with titanium ankle vs non-dipped and non titanium
Yes bison.The titanium hate thing is personal.1) I'm feel I'm too old to be walking around with metal bits sticking out of my footwear.2) IMO the titanium takes things too far. As in its too 'out there' for me.But it's just a personal thing.
It's a standard boot sole with a combat sole on top. The combat sole can be removed just to leave a standard boot finish.Normal options for this boot are dipped or not dipped. But ALL Have the titanium ankle insert. This is where this pair is so so so rare and unique....not having the titanium insert
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