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No cobbler involved just blood, sweat, spit, and polish 😉
So. Augusta double zips from ss14. My favourite boot in terms of shape, but they weren't what I expected in terms of colour or leather treatment. Showroom pics showed a perfectly clean, smooth, black horse leather.....but it came in a blueish colour leather with a treatment that gave them a very dry, almost reverse look. Original: And after a bit of magic, I've got exactly what I wanted. Perfect jet black, clean shiny thick horse; So so happy!!!!! Exactly what I...
Don't dig the new shape sneakers. The separated ankle is strange. Designed for the jean tuck, but looks even stranger when used.
Confirmed.There are no new models since 2010 FYIWe are waiting patiently.
I knew that would result in head-fuck for you 😜
For anybody who is interested; Popped into DSM today in London. First of the PH deliveries. Black tweed classic blazer; m and l Light grey tweed classic blazer; s,m,l Short mac jacket: black cotton; m, l Short mac jacket: green cotton; s Short mac jacket stripy tweed; m, l Long peaked lapel coat; medium Black tweed a slightly lighter weight version vs the original version from a few years back, but still very very nice and I would have kopped had I not had the original...
I'm hear for you and I'm here for you. You know I've moved on but I have a wealth of useless knowledge on the subject.
Eck. Didn't know you lived in San Antonio. I've been there!
I don't recognise your name tag on here!I remember 😉You took my advice and went Cors?
Coz he's nuts.If anybody is a sz48. You should kop this. 100% it's THE BEST leather out there.No question about it.Eck. You know I love ya, but you're crazy bro.
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