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Just in case you're interested but hadn't seen this. It's a truly exception piece. http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19920
I used to be a sz48. This was the most amazing jacket, and was perfect for my size. But I'm now a solid sz46 and this was sold purely due to being 1 sz too large. I held on to the bitter end......
Had 😢
Not sure what sz the guys in these pics are, but this is what I mean by sizing up rather than tts.....looser top box, but still keeping a tapered leg...
Although luc are generally considered slightly tight in the upper thighs and crotch area when you go tts, I've actually found that if you size up, it with fit a larger waist/thigh size well, whilst still keeping a relatively slim/tapered calf profile.
Nope. The one I had for sale, sold recently. I have not owned this one.
I've handled this jacket in person. Amazing amazing piece. Stunning thick cors. One of the nicest versions I've seen. If you're thinking about kopping a sz46, don't think anymore. This is the one. http://m.ebay.com/itm/261925796457?_mwBanner=1
They are the u-sole version. The drip doesn't cover the entire toe cap like the standard sneakers. Just a small rim around the edge Plus looks like he's either snapped the original laces or replaced them, and not threaded them through the tongue.
Strange, as my scarstitch is new, in Cors and black, and carries no smell.I think it's due to the dye not being completely set/dry.Hang it outside on a hot day in the sun and let it air/dry out. That should help
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