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My good friend (who generally has exquisite taste in all things foot related) for some insane reason parted company with those beauties a while back.....😱😡😱
Re toe shape. The oiled horse have a slightly less crimped toe, but the difference is negligible. I have the new RENNA Derby with the new toe shape and it really isn't that different. It's not necessarily more rounded in terms shape looking down at the toe, just slightly more from a profile perspective.
As far as i can tell, nothing (in terms of shape and style), except for the fact that originally mine were a very dry horse leather with a matt texture and blueish/black colour. (See a couple of posts back)But as discussed I oiled them myself and polished them black.Now imo they are perfection, and the leather is ageing beautifully.
To clear any confusion, there are 2 styles of CCP tornadoe. - AM/2601: the standard and most popular style (not sure why), and the one that 99.9% of retailers order, and as a result the style that most people own. (L) at the end denotes 'lined. - AM/2521sx: bulkier, less pointy and slightly wider boot. For some reason rarely ever ordered by retailers and rarely seen produced post 2009. You can usually tell the difference (if you havent got both ste boots in front of you)...
Can't see that I'll ever buy a CCP tornadoe or in fact any zip up boot. IMO simone has nailed it with this model. The perfect toe shape, profile and overall design.
10hrs walking around the wonderful city of Rome. Dust, grime and granite. The perfect ingredient for an augusta boot. Like a pig in shit. Wonderful. Just like it says in the box....'do not handle with care' 😉 They just get better with wear.
There was a question re how jeans sat on the double zips because of the vamp... On the other foot the augusta buffalo sneaks...
Guidi q10 is exactly what you are looking for.
Guidi. Q10. Exactly what your looking for.
I only wear jeans over my double zips. Never tuck. I understand your potential concern about the vamps and the Jean not sitting or fitting over them, but they do and tbh the profile looks very similar to the ccp pic you posted. I'll try to snap a pic over the weekend. The creases right at the bend where the boot goes into the shaft do obviously straighten out once your foot is inside the boot (or it would be like wearing a cheese grater) I was referring to the creases on...
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