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My augusta double zips were a stiffer leather initially and therefore needed a bit more breaking-in initially.But now done they are as comfy as any boot, and I'm capable of wearing them all day with zero problem. My Ccp horse tornadoes were also comfortable and took less breaking-in as the horse was more supple. But the pointier toe cap annoyed me and jarred with my desire for a rugged looking grizzly boot
They are horse cordovan from ss14 Thick heavy but clean and smooth horse. Yes....bullet proof. The creases aren't going anywhere....ever. Post my little polish session, they are the perfect zip boot. No other is needed. These: http://www.verticelondon.com/boots/88aug_black_cordovan_double_zip_boots.html
These..... Became these..... Then became these.....
Owned both. Much much prefer these over the CCP. Primarily for the shape of the toe cap, but also for the slightly more rugged look and leather treatment
My horse double zips after some good wear. Very rigid construction and leather. Heel cap very solid and little flex anywhere on the sole. Custom ykk zipper tabs....
Renna = deer
Radioactive? Lol don't be crazy.I've worn my renna derbys for three days in a row and I can promise you they are not radioactive.My feet are feeling just perfect 😉
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