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Hardcore CCP. Superb. Superb head to toe
One of the best Augusta workboot porn shots I've seen. And the shot that inspired me to buy the aw12 selvedge blazer Still one of the favourite pieces in my wardrobe!
There you go. Modelled by my identical twin brother.
Talking of pants.... If anybody is looking for a great pair of BBS pants give me a shout. I'm willing to discuss mates-rates 😉 http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18431
cheers buddy.Extremely extremely happy with the outcome. Perfection IMO.Just what i originally wanted.The quest for the perfect zipper boot is now ticked off the list.
And yes. The perfect toe shape 😄
BdudeNot sure if you missed the post, but I did that myself to my Augusta ss14 double zipsThey didn't come in a black polished version (like the showroom pics promised) they only came in the blue/grey matt version.I made this;In to this;
That's what makes a market..... ....new Augusta shape is even more round toe for those pointy haters.
The back zipper goes down to just above your ankle. The side zipper works exactly as you say. It helps open up the entire boot to facilitate putting your foot in. Once the leather breaks in the system works really really well. I have to admit that when they were new and the leather was really stiff, taking them on and off was a real hassle, but like I said, once broken in the system is great. Zero effort.
Honestly once the leather gives and they start to break in, the double zip mechanism works perfectly. They are incredibly comfortable and I could easily wear them all day (which I do very happily on the weekends). Why would the zippers bother you? You open up both the zippers to put on the boot and then close them. You don't feel them inside. And like I said after 5-6 goes, they are far easier and simpler to get on and off. But honestly simone nailed it this season with...
New Posts  All Forums: