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That's exactly what I want the inside of my cobblers to look like.That's the story of 10000 leather boots marked into those shabby stained shelves.
😊 it's the shelf at the cobblers, but it looked such a interesting setting for the photo. Closet is a touch cleaner 😊
But true. Oiled horse. SP1 aw14
It's strange spending our first night apart...but I have to clad your bottom in rubber before I take you out to meet my friends.
Don't know bud. Never tried it.
Thanks for all the questions/queries etc.This piece is now sold to a wonderful home.
Guys. Just wanted to flag a good friend of mine just gave me his CCP highneck to sell. Sz46, CORS. IMMACULATE condition. Beautiful flawless smooth thick skin. Not a mark or grain on the leather. Zero zero issues. Fits a sz46 perfectly. No bag or metal tag, but jacket has all internal tags, and is in my possession (so you are dealing with me on everything) Just in case anybody thinks I'm selling mine, I'm not 😄.....It's the best leather jacket out there. Here's mine and...
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