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I went tts. Sz43. And they are perfectly true.
Untucked and top down shot (by request)
My Culatta oil double zips after a good year and a half of wear...
Thanks Alex. You beat me to it.
No. CCP has exceptional leather. Some of the best out there.I just prefer a rounder toe and lower heel stack. And when it comes to tornadoes, I prefer my a1924 cordovan double zips.
Thank you.Pointy toe issues.Plus recently I've also been having an issue with the higher heel stack vs Augusta
Layer-zero. Reverse horse. After failing to find a decent replacement for my stolen Augusta, Eck and JC convinced me to bide the time with some layer (I'd never been a fan from the photos I'd seen). I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with the leather, construction and fit/shape. The leather is thick and solid like old school Augusta cordovan. Very impressed and very happy This relationship might be more than just a 'stop-over' 😈
Really beautiful.
Side zip I see the custom zip pulls are back (well...for this batch) Not sure why he can't do it on all the boots for the price we pay.....I got them on mine but they were from aw13 I think.
Luc tent fabric jacket?
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