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It's CCP. Yes I've seen it around in both leather and fabric. You can't tell the leather without looking at the tags.
I've got a sz43..... EDIT: If anybody is interested....
lol. I've learnt my lesson.
Eur3k moria boots Eur2k ph blazer Eur400 luc top And you ask about the jeans. 😊😊😊😊😊😊 All saints skinny cigarettes £88 (Worn with harnden belt)
Well spotted. Correct. Harnden stripe.
For many the case is closed. For me the journey is just starting, and I love how these boots are evolving. They've been worn hard all for a couple of weeks. Must have walked 20km just this weekend.
Strolling around Venice for the weekend....
Very nice bud. Great find. Honestly the best iteration he's done. Also as somebody pointed out earlier, they have the solid metal zip tags like mine. Still astounds me he reverted back to cheaper standard zip pulls on his newer versions, yet upped the price.
A1923 cost eur1800, are produced in far higher numbers, and boot quality and more importantly leather quality (especially oiled horse) has been pretty crap. I'm seeing an unbelievable number of the double zips and work boots being flipped without even being worn. Last few seasons work boots have also had a very high bulbous toe (a profile that I dislike - clown like almost). For a couple of hundred euro more (I don't know where the 'price of a scarstitch' comes from and I...
I didn't understand them at first ('hated' is the wrong word for me) especially the clean aesthetic (being a die hard a1923/CCP fan). But honestly, they are a boot you have to wear in and allow to develop with time. No Molly cuddling, or polishing and nurturing. Just wear and let them take on their own personality. Once you do they come to life.
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