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I've handled this jacket in person. Amazing amazing piece. Stunning thick cors. One of the nicest versions I've seen. If you're thinking about kopping a sz46, don't think anymore. This is the one. http://m.ebay.com/itm/261925796457?_mwBanner=1
They are the u-sole version. The drip doesn't cover the entire toe cap like the standard sneakers. Just a small rim around the edge Plus looks like he's either snapped the original laces or replaced them, and not threaded them through the tongue.
Strange, as my scarstitch is new, in Cors and black, and carries no smell.I think it's due to the dye not being completely set/dry.Hang it outside on a hot day in the sun and let it air/dry out. That should help
Again Thank you. Appreciate the feedback. I meant CCP seems more 'reasonably priced' as the price of other brands catch up (bbs, Augusta)...and in some instances overtake CCP prices. The price of a scarstitch is around eur4k, give or take, final price obviously depends on your relationship with the retailer.
Thank you bud. Much appreciated
Measurements. P2P across front when done up: 48cm Total length down back inc collar: 72cm Shoulder to shoulder across back: 43-44cm Arm length: 68cm. Wife picked some fantastic textures so I've got some good walks for photos. Just no mirrors in the good spots.
Yes. It's a sz46. And fits perfectly. I'm kinda bored of the shrink wrapped fit. Looks kinda cool in photos but I end up looking at the pieces rather than wear them as they are just not practical to move in. This is cut slightly softer in the shoulders vs the highneck and the raglan shoulders are more forgiving. And yes. Over the last few seasons the price of a CCP leather has become relatively more reasonable as bbs and Augusta raise their prices.
Thank you buddy. Really happy with.Wife was responsible for house refurb. I'll pass on your kind words.If you think CCP sucks up cash, try giving your wife free rein to redo the house....like a black hole...No baller bathroom thread 😖
Thank you. Re vs high neck. Same here. This is far far easier to wear. Far less aggressive. ...and much easier to pair with jeans and a tshirt and chill in the pub without feeling like you are making a statement.
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