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Yes. "In the hands of the gods" 😉
There is nothing at the photo source saying these are the aw14 renna. I'm just hoping/assuming they are...in which case, yes, I will be receiving a pair shortly 😊
I hope these are what I've got coming soon. Fingers crossed these are the aw14 renna derby. Looks like renna.
Shoot me a reasonable offer
Yes I am 100% sure. They are my boots in the photos. He only received 1 pair which was my pair. To be honest it's all irrelevant and a wasted discussion. call him
SOLD: BORIS BIDJAN SABERI: DARK GREY COLD DYED NINJA HOODIE MODEL: ZIPPER2 F097 SEASON: SS14 'SAILORISM' COLOUR: DARK GREY SIZE: SMALL Beautifully crafted BBS 'Sailorism' ninja hoodie in a 'cold-dyed' dark grey colour, from SS14. Retailed for: £600 SOLD
I've owned kalb historically and it was my least favourite leather....but on a piece like the parka I can't imagine CCP using anything else as it would be far too heavy and cumbersome.
Sinnedk. The boots you are looking at on the office website ARE MY BOOTS. They are not in stock and he doesn't have them in different sizes.They were a one off. You may be able to custom order without titanium, but it's not a standard 'option' as far as I'm aware.Tassos just took pictures of my workboot for his website, as his website is as much an archive of pieces as it is a list of current stock.
Funny you say that.....I was just looking at some new CCP pieces in Cors and thought exactly the same.My Cors highneck is completely smooth whereas the new pieces I was looking at definitely had more grain in the leather. Almost like bison.
MA+ AW14 spiral zip boot
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