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You'd have to also provide a 'divorced and thrown out the house' emoticon for me to seriously consider the proposal.
Nice pics. Thank you. Moria look super nice as well.
I have no shame wearing none label jeans. Certainly if they look good. Anyway my underwear is a 1/1 CCP cors-ptc/3 jock strap - perfect to hold those golden balls (hence the untouchable status) 👍🏼
Moria Worn for 4 days, 8hrs/day wear Best and most comfortable boots I've owned
Thank you IMO it's the absolute best ST3 that was produced. Ever. Unbelievable thick leather, perfect toe shape, perfect thick waves of creases
Now for the more popular subject matter. 3 favourites, and IMO 3 of the best versions in the best leathers. This is just so people can see relative toe shape, height, vamp etc. it's not a 'who's best' Layer-0 reverse horse / Moria AA_Dve horween shell / A1923 ST3 culatta
So I thought I'd show some interesting comparisons of height, last, creases, leather etc of my current boots/shoes collection. Quickly on derbys as they get relatively less interest here; CCP Bison Derby and A1923 Renna Derby
After a couple of days solid wear.... M_Moria AADve
It's a daily struggle trying to educate my colleagues but alas to no avail....they just laugh and think I'm nuts.
A1923 vs church's Stacked pant vs wtf 2 - 0
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