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Re shrinking a CCP leather: http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=313171&postcount=1
I have that blazer (sz2) plus the 3/4 matching pants + the full matching length pants. Fabric is amazing. Love the fit. Live in the pants..... Here's the 3/4 pants matched with guid back zips
Just saying what I was told.
It's because of the sole. Goodyear vs Blake. These have a Blake construction rather than the traditional Goodyear you see on most Augusta
Where are those first 2 pictures from please? Which brand/website?
Single red 1680 with a t19 domed plexi in place of the top hat. One of my favourite vintages 👍🏻 And vs a 1665 DRSD....which still remains my favourite vintage diver
Thank you. Yes the dial and case are immaculate. Here's a better shot of the lugs
Here's some double red 👍🏻
Strange. I wear a sz46 in the highneck.....
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