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It's a bit more bulbous but all his new and recent batches seem to have this toe bar the workboot in Culatta which is old style crumpled. Even his new crumpled toe works off this new toe cap (see PnP's pair below)Here's the same boot as mine in green.Tbh The toecap photos 'big' but its not like that at all in reality.Here's a different angle of my boot. looks a lot sleeker IMO.
New kids on the block. A1923 Oiled horse workboot. Thank you Holger 😘😘😘😘 He's the best, but most of you know that already.
He's taken the photo in a mirror.....
I've struggled as well. There are shots where I love it, but then I just know id feel ridiculous wearing it. Not something to wear to an airport.
My first CCP high neck. Bison. Sz46. I miss it.
Valid and honourable excuse 😘
Ecks after the high neck, not the vest bag.
Something is strange with those auctions..... I owned a HOIL in sz48, and HOIL was only around maybe 5 yrs ago. It's listed as new with tags....can't see how you get a new one when hoil ended so long ago. Also looks worn and broken in. My Hoil was like armour. It could stand up on its own...,, Still a nice jacket but you something not quite right.
As my ass and balls have been discussed, I'll add some details. I'm usually a sz48 in LUC pants and 32-34inch in normal high street pants. I wear sz46 in the highneck leather although ive tried other sz46's (highnecks and scars)which are small (so I think I'm more a sz47) I wear sz48 CCP Blazers and match them with sz50 breads which I sometimes take in on the waist. And the sizing of the dead ends jeans varied unbelievably between batches. You have to try before you...
I've owned both. And to be honest I find them equally versatile. The high neck, although edgier and possibly more CCP'esque', is still a relatively easy piece to match and wear with the rest of a wardrobe.
New Posts  All Forums: