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I did. looked amazing. But my issue was more leather vs fabric. I think I'll go black fabric.
I had one in black Cors but sold it. The best bag in Leather was just too edgey. I'm considering reordering in a self edge fabric.I was in Rome on the weekend and degli had no CCP.I've owned the scar and I own the highneck. The sleeves on the highneck are longer than the sleeves on the scar.
CCP LM2599 CORS/10
......go wild with grey My wife laughs at me when I proudly tell her I'm 'mixing it up' with a bit of grey to add some colour....
😊 so so true.....
The CCP workboot is my most 'hardcore' purchase this year 😊
😄 I did a while ago, but I'm happy sticking to black in my old age.As a 41yr old dad I get enough strange looks at teacher/parent evenings without walking in with a pair of urine yellow scarred horse titanium u sole sneakers on my feet. Same goes for red derbyz, blue tornadoes and green lace ups. 😚
After years of an excessive collection, I kinda got it down to what I need for all round wear.I do have a pair of oiled horse a1923 6 hole workboots coming as well which will complete the current round up.I rotate between the 2 derbyz for work, then have the double zips, sneaks, CCP workboots (and soon to arrive augusta workboots) for outside of work.Can't see what else is needed.Also some James kearns sneaks and an old pair of nike for kicking a ball around with my son in...
Selection of the collection..... A1923 ss14 Horse double zip CCP Bison workboot CCP Bison Derby A1923 ss14 Buffalo sneaker A1923 aw14 RENNA Derby
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