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Smash...6 months may unfortunately only be 50% of your wait....i wouldn't start getting agitated until at least 1 year in.... I'm not saying this because I think it's right you wait this long, im saying it purely to manage your expectations. Custom order leather pieces from CCP have been known to take over 18months.
Yes. I got a buddy on the case. 😊 But I put the originals back in. They can still be used.
Model: A5 Sz 43 Shell cordovan, bison sole, Storm welt. Same pair after a year.....(lowreys photo)
And the new addition..... Augusta culatta SP2: Studio shot from the retailer.
Family complete 😄 Back row : CCP Bison workboots Augusta culatta SP2 Augusta oiled horse double zip Front row: Augusta buffalo sneakers CCP Bison derbys Augusta Renna Derbys Toe cap comparison Textures;
In case anybody is after some perfect CCP WIM/10 breads in sz50....SOLD http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18995
I still struggle with the price irrelevant of workmanship, quality and pedigree. But there's no denying their beauty.
Just in case anybody is after some CCP breadstick pants.... http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18995
The debate can go on forever on who did what first. But here's one for you a1923 fans. These were mine, and a very early example of simones work.....and a disjointed boot
Guys After much deliberation and with a tear in my eye, I have finally admitted to myself that my new workboot is too big for me. It's a sz43,12.5inches long and I need 12inches max. Model SP1, AW14, oiled horse. They are stunning, bought last week, brand new vibram and in obviously perfect condition. I'd like to move them quickly as there is the opportunity to re-buy in the correct size. Please PM me if you are serious. These are £1400 new. I'd do a great price and they...
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