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Looks like they are coming without titanium now as a standard option. Much nicer. But then I am biased 😊
Sent you a pm
In terms of the leather and construction? or in terms of drips (which has been answered)
you've got the perfect ankle boot with lacesπŸ˜‰
Yes. "In the hands of the gods" πŸ˜‰
There is nothing at the photo source saying these are the aw14 renna. I'm just hoping/assuming they are...in which case, yes, I will be receiving a pair shortly 😊
I hope these are what I've got coming soon. Fingers crossed these are the aw14 renna derby. Looks like renna.
Shoot me a reasonable offer
Yes I am 100% sure. They are my boots in the photos. He only received 1 pair which was my pair. To be honest it's all irrelevant and a wasted discussion. call him
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