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Never seen a CCP derby with white interior and white insole. Not saying they aren't legit, but the insides of mine are black as are the nailed down insoles. Unless they are a really old model that I haven't seen before. CCP are object dyed so not sure how you have a different colour interior unless it's down to serious serious wear and incredibly sweaty feet.
I really can't believe there is crap going round on Vertice. I've shopped there for over a decade and I've never had any issue EVER.
Sorry. Just edited my post. Realised they are the mismatched version
Cheers G. Didn't know you didn't like leathers. Took me a long time to find that piece in the perfect fabric and perfect size. ROR is a sensational fabric. Very textured, very crunchy (see sleeves) and very thick. The self-edge details are perfect....Not too over the top. U....we are waiting ;-)
Yes I have it in ror-edgeIt's one of my favourite self-edge piecesNow let's see yours :-)
He's a massive fan Orders everything in crazy colours.....
Seal doesn't shop at the library anymore. I hear they pissed him off......
Amazing piece buddy. If I didn't already have the crossfront blouson, I would have 100% kopped this....fit pics please Actually a small description of the fabric would be appreciated as it's a new CCP fabric and I've never handled it. I see he's making suits in it as well...... What sz you get? Tts?
LM/2539 Santorini-ptc
On holiday in Greece
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