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Yes I have it in ror-edgeIt's one of my favourite self-edge piecesNow let's see yours :-)
He's a massive fan Orders everything in crazy colours.....
Seal doesn't shop at the library anymore. I hear they pissed him off......
Amazing piece buddy. If I didn't already have the crossfront blouson, I would have 100% kopped this....fit pics please Actually a small description of the fabric would be appreciated as it's a new CCP fabric and I've never handled it. I see he's making suits in it as well...... What sz you get? Tts?
LM/2539 Santorini-ptc
On holiday in Greece
Both are thick as hell. CCP Bison are 'softer' than the Augusta horse. But wouldn't describe either as 'soft'. In fact the horse is still as stiff and hard as they were when I bought them.
AlexanderTG Just to help you or tempt you.... My Augusta horse derbyz; My CCP bison derbyz;
Depends on your body shape, but I would recommend taking one sz up. I'm a sz48 but had to take a sz50
Bdude. I wore mine today and I can categorically confirm that the matt treatment wears off to leave a beautiful normal shiny cordovan leather. It will no doubt take a while if left to its natural devices, but no doubt if you wet them and gave them a good rub and polish, they would come out as you like. Where my jeans have rubbed on the bottom of the shaft, the leather is already looking like normal cordovan.
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