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Those are actually quite cool.
Filene's Basement, the real one, Downtown Crossing, Boston.
I love the stout, or clunky, or big-boned, or substantial look of the Alden too, and like the blucher look. If a wingtip starts to get too sleek or refined, I feel like a mincing capon. But then I'm not a businessman and don't wear suits in the daytime.
within the last month, all like new: HF Boardroom jacket, obviously half a suit ($10) BB tweed jacket  ($10) ties by Lanvin, Hermes, Gucci, Ferragamo (the ones with the little themes, fops, nerds, animals, eskimos, etc.), Liberty fine lawn ties, made in England not USA ($2 each) crazy J Peterman heavy tweed duck-massacring jacket with leather elbow patches, gussets, shoulder patch on which to rest my shotgun butt ($10) less crazy Orvis tweed duck-blasting jacket,...
My Lacrosse front-zip overshoes are in the mail. No more rubber soles for me.
My ES-335 will always be my #1. But I need my strat from time to time. Trad and tweedy are my daily clothes. But for a special night on the town--Naples calls.
Thanks Concordia. I've seen those and agree they're ugly: they look like they're for tramping around Mars. But I like your thought that something so ugly could never be mistaken for an attempt to be handsome. They're cheap, too, I think.
Sorry if this has already been covered. But could anybody give me advice about what overshoes to buy? Here's the situation. I walk to work every day. Part of the walk is an often muddy, and lately often snow-covered little tramp through the woods. So I've been wearing boots, Doc Martens, to work, through the winter. But though these are fairly understated and shoe-looking for Doc Martens, they really just don't look good with a blazer and tie, to say the least. I just...
I like traditional Anglo-American clothes. I have a special interest in eighteenth-century British literature, music, art, and decorative arts--with a wider interest in British literature in general. But then I collect mid-20th-century Scandinavian (Danish and Finnish, mostly) design, furniture, art glass etc. (like everybody else is doing these days, it seems). So my tastes are pretty incoherent. Are there Danish modern blazers? On the form/function question in...
I've wanted to wear old-man clothes since I was 17. Now old men don't even wear old-man clothes. They wear rubber-soled shoes (if not running shoes) and warm-up suits. So it's still a statement, though I'm heading toward being an old man myself.
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