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Chicago also has the best 20th-century architecture in the US if not the world. But I accept the idea that it's stupid and tacky to feel the need to go around saying what the "best" of everything is. A secret I learned in my late 20s: you can really really like New York AND Chicago (and LA and San Francisco, and Paris and London and Berlin). In fact, it's probably more natural and reasonable and grown-up (and cosmopolitan) to do so. In most cases, liking one thing does...
Had to run home and find this thread to boast about my thrift-store new... Kiton (for Louis Boston) 100% cashmere DB suit, charcoal with light window pane pattern. $20. I'd say excellent condition: doesn't look very worn, and as wearable as anything I own--but maybe it just has a slight feel of wear, maybe very good +. The Kiton label is green. Does that mean older? Inferior? I don't care because the thing looks and feels beautiful. So the fit in the body is perfect,...
"Just out of curiosity, what size(s) were these suits?" They were all 42 short.
"Don't feel bad; flipping clothes on eBay is for the commoners..." And hanging around certain Salvation Army stores as if they were my own private preserve is the behavior of true peers and aristocrats such as myself. Carlo, you're right, I should have informed somebody like you who could have turned them to good account. I've learned plenty from people like you on these forums, so...next time I'll know what to do. ...bad Bad BAD Lord Foppington.
All right, this is driving me crazy. Last weekend I went to my favorite Salvation Army and there they were. $20 per, two very nice/new-looking, beautiful pinstripes and one not-as-new-looking (still pretty nice and wearable) window pane. And of course they didn't fit. Not even close. So I called a few friends from the store I thought I could buy them for, but there was no way the suits were wearable for them either. I've got other (not to say better) things to do...
Actually bucks for me are a no-big-deal shoe. I wear them (dirty brown or white) with blue jeans or chinos, whatever, an untucked vintage shirt--instant summertime. (Also with the seersucker a few times a year.) Or wore them--haven't had any for a while. Anyway, the kids at good old public Abraham Lincoln High, anytown USA, where I went to school--absolutely not a bastion of preppieness--wore them casually in the way I describe. So it's always seemed normal to me....
Willie Brown wears Brioni, doesn't he? Alex, I've seen these political debates escalate on forums dedicated to themes ranging from vintage guitars to exotic pets. Sorry to contribute to such a thing here. I'm happy to say I believe we all want what each of us sincerely thinks is best, and (more importantly) want to look good doing it. And there's an end on it, for me.
If you stand behind him and yawn and make bored faces on camera, you may be able to get the White House to deny your existence, and then get to appear on Letterman, like that kid last year. Do mention to him he'd have a better chance of getting support, including from people in his own party, if he'd just say how he expects us all to pay for the new scheme. And then give him a big wet sloppy kiss.
Those are actually quite cool.
Filene's Basement, the real one, Downtown Crossing, Boston.
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