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Kiton link: One guy brought 2 of them and posted his sad feedback!   K link: Currently on eBay, bidding up to $690 now. Feel sorry for the person who's going to win the auction! If you look at the attached photos, you can clearly see the photo showing "Kiton" has brown and orange stripes hem...
The guy was responsive until I made request to look at the jacket prior to purchase (I live in the same city!) and I heard no more from him...
      I love these plain toe blucher. What colour and how's the fit compare to 4444 and 4497?  
    Fantastic looking boots. Tempted to have a shoe version of this.
I purchased a pair of new Whiskey LWB from a fellow forum member and noticed the right shoe is a touch darker than the left shoe! The shoes are beautiful and may be I'm the only one who might notice the difference. Is it a common problem with Alden's light colour shells? What would be the best way to make the colour of the two shoes more even by: (1) exposing the darker right shoe in direct sun light and hope that it lighten up a bit (2) using a darker paste wax for the...
You won't find burgundy calf looks as good as this.
Would you mind post some photos of the bumps and scratches?
  Well said. I have more calf but am hooked on shell!
Thank you Cold Iron, sevenfoldtieguy and bucksfan for your advice on AE and Alden Shell.     I thought the RL Marlow made by C&J looked absolutely fantastic! Now, I must have a closer look at AE brown shell. Thanks.
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