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totally would like one
Whats sf general consensus on this DJ? Is there anyone who has it that can speak to its quality? I live a bit far from. Shop but am considering ordering one .
Looking for all items. Priority for belt and scarf. please send me a PM 
Do these shoes run teue to size , are they width D ?
Hi there,   I searched through the forums and didn't really see a path so I'll start here.    How do you start a company in the state of New York? How much is it? Do you have to have a product or service firmly in place or can one just start a company, just to hold it ( and self appoint yourself as CEO? )    Any insight, greatly appreciated!
I believe the answer is always black with any midnight blue jacket. The only time I've seen a very elegant ensemble, were the bow tie WASN'T black, was an all black minimalistic outfit. The answer then is a VELVET midnight blue bow tie. 
Basically it was a post about gentlemen essentials , therein was a link to an author who had written about the wardrobe of a(n) old sharp dressing senator. He listed this well dressed mans deceptively small closet - I definitely want to find it!    I think it was one started by a "manton" but i can't find it   any help greatly appreciated, and will convert a slub to a cad. One person at a time , right sf
$50 or BO
Picked up the Todd Snyder Cargo pants ( really impressed with the quality for being a GAP piece ) and the scarf and beanie. It's some serious "I am Legend" vibe when I came out of the dressing room with the pants and the che jacket.   Love the blue beanie. 
$70 or BO
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