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Looking to buy this shoe as quickly as one pops in my size, will consider newish to well cared. Feel free to PM for quickest communication, im sure we can work something out.    come on santa! 
My daltons have the custom tread sole addon. Looking for oxblood red color in 9.5 / 10 D.
Black Jeans in practically new condition. I tried them on once, and didn't fit. It's a nostalgic piece as Simon Spurr quit his label days after he consolidated his clothing line. Bought for over 100 bucks awhile back but it's just been sitting in my closet. I'm not curating a museum for this sort of thing, but I know some that do; or hell wear it and get some sick stacking to pair with some fly kicks. You decide.    USPS Priority mail
This is the following shirt up for sale .    Shirt has been worn maybe 30 times, ALWAYS washed cold and air dried ( never really shrunk ). Selling because it just doesnt fit anymore, im a fatass. Would like sell asap so feel free to meet me at 70 or offer something. Comes with the 2 original collar stay    shipping is USPS Priority for like 6 bucks. paypal , gift trick yada yada yada
totally would like one
Whats sf general consensus on this DJ? Is there anyone who has it that can speak to its quality? I live a bit far from. Shop but am considering ordering one .
Looking for all items. Priority for belt and scarf. please send me a PM 
Do these shoes run teue to size , are they width D ?
Hi there,   I searched through the forums and didn't really see a path so I'll start here.    How do you start a company in the state of New York? How much is it? Do you have to have a product or service firmly in place or can one just start a company, just to hold it ( and self appoint yourself as CEO? )    Any insight, greatly appreciated!
I believe the answer is always black with any midnight blue jacket. The only time I've seen a very elegant ensemble, were the bow tie WASN'T black, was an all black minimalistic outfit. The answer then is a VELVET midnight blue bow tie. 
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