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Very similar to Mojahanafish's above, service boot in icy mocha cxl, 2030 last with brogue toe cap.     (By the way, I'm selling these if anyone's interested. UK8, brand new.)
I'll be surprised if they are the same denim. While I never got to handle the Boss, the denim was described as being very slubby.  The new ones, on the other hand, feel very smooth and soft.
  8 in Viberg sizing = UK8. So to be clear, I wear US8.5 in Alden Indy and UK8 in Viberg.
  I wear 8.5D in Alden Indys (as well as White's, Wesco, RW) and have the Viberg 1950 in both the 310 and 2030 lasts in a size 8. The 310 last in a size 8 fits me well and while the 2030 still fits, it's a bit snug for my liking. If I was to get another 2030, I'll go 8.5. 
Worn only once.  These are 8.5D on the Barrie last.  $580 shipped CONUS.
What is the sizing recommendation for the new Murdock boots? Should we go down half a size or go TTS?
Anyone got the Boondockers and care to share a few pics?
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