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Good afternoon Guys! Hoping you are great!    We have just added to our RTW Collection many new options, such as, our peaked heel counter Adelaide in Black French calf & Oak antique, Tassels in Copper & Navy Antique calf & our contemporary Classic Cap toe in our Copper Antique French calf!   Classic styles made with some of the best materials available; Superb quality calfs from the French Tannerie d'Annonay, closed channel French leather soles, full calf lined, and...
Good afternoon guys, we hope you're well! In case anyone is interested, we are glad to let you know that we just introduced our Classic Longwing in Burgundy Shell Cordovan! Check out all the details & more pics here: ---> 101375 - Burgundy Shell Cordovan   Hoping you like them as much as we do!  
Good afternoon Sir! We recommend neutral cream and wax for the museum calf, this way you´ll not hide the pattern. Just let us know if you need further assistance.
Glad you like them! No, we won't stop using our Japanese Shell, just a way to offer a wider variety. Sadly, even we managed to source more Shell Cordovan, quantities, still very restricted! Thanks again for your interest! All the best,
  Thanks for your interest guys! Please just email us your details and we will help you out to place your orders! Thanks!
Good afternoon guys!   We hope you are doing great. We're happy to announce we've just introduced our new Italian Shell Cordovan!  Our first impression when we started working with it, is that we've found this Shells to be softer & more flexible (pretty similar to Horween's in terms of flexibility & tanning) than the Japanese one we're also using. While, on the other hand, we found the Japanese Shell finish more natural & very transparent showing the different &...
  Good morning Sirs, that´s correct, if you can´t find the size on our website then most probably we do not have stock, but it´s worth sending us an email because we might have a pair left. 
Good afternoon Guys!   Hoping you are great! Just a quick note, that due to Easter holidays, our Factory is closed Today & Monday. Please kindly give us extra time to answer your emails, inquiries & shipments along these days. Thanks for your understanding!   On a side note, some new MTO Groups are now live! Many new options for the single monk lovers:       Happy Easter everyone!
  Good morning Sirs! No problem, we have noted your suggestions and we´ll offer the boots soon in our MTO program. Thanks for your interest!
New Posts  All Forums: