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  HI! We will try to have another one by the beginning of the year. Not confirmed yet, but we will keep you updated. Thanks,
 Hi Sir, Please resend us your enquiry to MTO@meermin.es in order to speed up the process. Thanks!
 We will asap. Thanks!
 We are expecting a shipment of Japanese Shell along this week, we will keep you all updated on it! Said that, is more & more difficult to get Shells everyday, but we are optimistic that with the new tannery we are working, to see the service improving over the coming months, and be able to widen up our Shell Cordovan offerings. Thanks for your interest!
    Working on some new rubber soled balmoral boots for our RTW & MTO Groups. Thanks!
 Thanks for your interest! For sure, we will bring it back over the time.
Hi Sir,That's right, but the Balmoral boot is back as per popular demand!Thanks for your interest.
Good afternoon,   We hope you are well! We just wanted to shot you a quick update on this weeks news!   We have just added a black Pebble grain version of our Full brogue Shortwing boot, made on the round RUI last & finished with double leather soles.   Learn more here: -----------> #101504 Black pebble grain     Also, we have many news on our MTO Groups section!! including the long-awaited penny loafer on the Ron last & some very rare make ups which are great...
Hi everybody!   Have you checked out our new MTO Group system?   A whole new system, created to offer you a wide range of possibilities. Crowdsourced & made to order for you! New styles added 3-4 times a month in order to widen up the selection, to offer you the shoe you are looking for.   Your are the one who decides what goes into production!   Check the styles that are currently funding here: -------> MTO Groups   You can find all the useful information...
New Posts  All Forums: