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Hi Guys,   We wanted to thank you all for your interest & support!   Those are very busy days here at the factory & our mail inboxes are overloaded with requests, but you can be sure that we are trying really hard to provide the best service as possible. If you are not getting a reply in 1-2 days, please kindly resend us your request.   Thanks again for your understanding.   Keep tuned for some really interesting upcoming news!   Best regards & have a nice week...
Hi Guys,   We hope you are doing great!   We wanted just to share some pictures with you of the new Japanese Shell we are working with.   This Shell Cordovan is one of the best we have ever seen, super clean, with a super transparent finishing and very beautiful colors. The material very well tanned, pit tanned & air dried for a total of about 10 months, but the result is worth it, a thick & supple shell cordovan with a very compact fiber that will make great...
   Hi Guys, Working to finalize some internal modifications on the system, groups should be back shortly. We will keep you posted. Best regards,
  Hi Sir, We do not wholesale, this is not legitimate information, since we just sell directly through our Madrid Store & our site. I am sorry you guys have to suffer this. Best regards,
 Hi Sir, It a shame for us to have to arrive to this point, since we have tried hard to solve your situation. It is hard to believe to us that the same can happen to three different pairs we have sent you, since we had no other issue like the one you have described previously. We have already answered you privately & we hope you understand our position. Our apologies to all of the SFERs to have to suffer this.
Hi Guys,   Just a heads up! If any of you are receiving an email like the one below, note that it is not from MEERMIN, it is not legitimate.   MEERMIN does not ask for credit card or bank details, so please do not fill this information out. As you can see the link, this site is not Meermin.es.   Please do not fill any information in that site, our technical team is working on it.   We will keep you all updated.   Thanks again for your help.   Kind...
 Hi Sir, I will forward this info to Pepe and he'll contact you asap. Thanks!
 Hi Sir, Thanks for your interest! Here you can find all the information about the MTO Groups: ------> MTO Group info We hope it will be useful to you, if you need nay other info please do not hesitate emailing us. Thanks!
Hi guys,   We hope you are doing well!   We wanted to give you a quick update on some recent news we had just added to our Collection. From a new chestnut calf cap toe to a new Dark brown Naturcalf Chelsea boot or a Museum calf penny loafer. Find some pictures of some them below!   [ The new Chestnut calf cap toe just added to our RTW collection ---------> #101198 Chestnut calf ]           [ A new elegant black plain toe adelaide oxford hand welted on the...
  HI! We will try to have another one by the beginning of the year. Not confirmed yet, but we will keep you updated. Thanks,
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