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Some people are taking this guy seriously? He just likes to stir up shit. 
 You have to be the most naive person in this thread.
 I bought a spot for a dark brown goat A-2, original purchase December 2013. I updated measurements on December 18, 2014 (coincidence). I wonder if I'll get it soon.
This was to change measurements, not the address confirmation email.
Charly replied to my measurements/sizing email eventually, but it took a few tries to get a response. I bumped it 2 times before I heard back last Thursday.
That jacket would probably fit me really well. However, I don't think it's something I would wear often enough to justify the purchase; I prefer bombers.
FWIW, on a Brannock device my left foot is 14C and my right foot is 13.5C. Size 13 fits me for both Wolverine 1k Miles and the Viberg 2030 last.
Probably my last time wearing my brown calf 4-zip moto. Just waiting for payment to clear before I ship it off.     P.S. I have two full leathers on order but I'm not complaining constantly. You guys are wasting your breath.
Thankfully, I gained weight from lifting, not getting fat.
X-post from TOJ thread. Selling my brown calf 4-Zip Moto 2011. It doesn't fit me well anymore and I like my CWU and MA-1 better. Plus, I theoretically have a dark brown goat A-2 on the way. See sig for details. You will need to be very tall for it to fit; I'm 6'5" and it fit me when I was around 200-215 lbs.   Also open to trade offers for an A-2 that would fit someone 6'5" around 225 lbs.
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