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 With the Classic Blue Oxford, it's fuzzy on both sides.
 Theresa responded that the fuzzier fabric was a change for the winter and they are discontinuing changes like this in the future. I suppose I'll just keep the shirt since I'm planning to wear it casually with jeans and it should be nice in colder weather. I already have the lighter Sky Blue Oxford for warm weather. I just wish they hadn't made an unannounced change to a fabric I already ordered in the past, expecting to receive the same thing.
 Yes, I would describe it exactly like this. The fabric is almost like flannel. Not what I was hoping for in this shirt since I've ordered the same fabric in the past and I live in a fairly warm climate. Will update with Luxire's response once I hear back.
Has anyone recently ordered a Classic Blue Oxford and noticed something different about the fabric? I have ordered a couple in the past that no longer fit me. My newest iteration arrived today and the fabric has a kind of pilling/fuzziness all over it, completely different from any of the oxford shirts I have ordered in the past.   I took some pics to capture it as best as possible and will have an email in to Luxire momentarily.   New shirt, you can see lots of spots...
Lambswool Flannel and the Super 120s D-Ring Fall Flannel are the only flannels regularly stocked in USA fit, correct? If so, looks like I need to jump on those lambswool flannels now while they're in stock.
There are income limits for Roth IRAs and deductible Traditional IRAs, but no limits for non-deductible Traditional IRAs. And there are no limits on converting a non-deductible Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.   http://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Backdoor_Roth_IRA
 Theresa emailed me back. Free Standard Shipping is the correct choice. The $15 USA Shipping option is a bug when free is available.
I never even got 2048 before, then I got on a roll. Never playing the game again since I don't think I'll top it.  
I'm not familiar with the new shipping options. I'm in the states and I can pick Free Standard Shipping or $15 USA Shipping. Is $15 shipping supposed to avoid customs charges? If so, has anyone experienced customs charges in the US? Not sure which I would pick for a $220 order.   Going to give the NOBD II a trial run with this fabric.   http://luxire.com/products/soft-cream-cool-linen-cotton   Also ordering these to round out my OCBD collection. Already have classic...
Starting my linen cotton collection and I can't decide between a button down or NOBD II collar. Shirts will mainly be be worn casually untucked with shorts/jeans. Any thoughts?
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