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 People tucked away cash and got great deals...at April/May 2014 prices?
Received address confirmation email for wool MA-1 ordered August 31.
A-2 in brown, CWU in black. I own a black CWU already and have another on order to replace it since it doesn't fit me anymore. I also have a dark brown goat A-2 on order.
No shit. But earlier, speculation was that nobody was receiving jackets. Now people have, and nothing has changed. See the post where someone speculated that his jacket was in Denver.
Lol. A bunch of people received jackets two weeks ago, and already people are panicking. I received the address confirmation email on 9/18/14, and I assume it's for the wool MA-1 I ordered 8/31/13. It seems like they just haven't sent MA-1s yet.
It'll probably be Showalter in the AL.
The bunts weren't that bad. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/so-about-all-those-bunts/
The answer is complicated and there are many factors to consider. Bunting is almost never a good decision when you are trying to maximize expected runs. It really hurts the chances of a big inning. This is why managers are (rightly) criticized for bunting early in games. Ned Yost is notorious for this, see the #Yosted hashtag on Twitter. There was a series against Detroit sometime in the last month where KC had two early inning bunts against Scherzer resulting in zero...
My spot is available. Near the end of the line though, full leather not TOJ0. See sig.
I also received the address confirmation email for a wool MA-1 ordered August 31. Pure speculation of course, but a bunch of MA-1 orders received the email but none have been shipped yet. In the past, jackets were shipped on Fridays and arrived within a few days, which seems consistent with when people received their DRs. It's possible the jackets were at different factories. So I'm cautiously optimistic that my MA-1 will be coming next week.
New Posts  All Forums: