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Some information about my experience so far:   I made a custom order June 9 and reached the 18 week mark without hearing anything, so I checked the website for my account/order status and found that I no longer had an account. The account feature definitely was a thing, since I had a password saved in my password manager. Two weeks ago, the website was set up so that if you attempted to log in and entered your password, it would automatically create a new account if it...
  I took the plunge and ordered these in 14 left/13.5 right. I figure since my feet are half a size in difference, the best way to reduce risk that my sizing is off will be to actually order boots that are mismatched, and the consensus seems to be that Truman boots are TTS. My order is basically the makeup shown on the website except with nickel hardware and 7 eyelets. Looking forward to them!
 Any more thoughts on the waxy black kudu? Thinking about getting a pair.
Anyone have pics of waxy black kudu in the wild? Ever since I bought some Viberg brown waxed flesh in the GMTO last year, my black leather CWU-45 bomber jacket isn't getting any love. The Vibergs outclass my black Wolverine 1k Miles so much that I mainly wear my brown A2.   I'm thinking unstructured cap toe, no pull tab, no speed hooks, nickel hardware, commando sole. Possibly also requesting a blacked out sole.
I know people want to forget the prequels, but there were several droids in General Grievous' army in ROTS armed with a weapon that could take on a lightsaber.
What kind of fur is it?
I posted a few pics of brown goat earlier in the thread.
The fur on the A-2 is so dope. I thought I'd wear it without the fur most of the time, but it really makes the jacket.
Received my black lamb CWU today. It shipped less than 2 weeks after I sent payment. It fits me perfectly. Thanks Falcon!   An obligatory bathroom pic since I'm too lazy to set up my tripod.     I'm 6'5", went MTM, probably would be something like a size 57.   The lamb feels softer and thicker than my last lamb TOJ jacket, which I received 3 years ago, although it's hard to really gauge the thickness without any calipers. The TOJ lamb has more of a dry, slippery...
New Posts  All Forums: