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Has anyone received an A2 or CWU45 yet? I'm planning to order both to replace my TOJ orders that are never coming.
Any recommendations on a white poplin? I need a white dress shirt. I almost never need to wear a suit; this will be the first time in at least 7 years. It's typically only going to be worn at weddings or funerals. I have basically no opinion on which of these would be best and all are in my price...
It was probably a merkin anyway.
Overall, I thought that was a solid episode.  [[SPOILER]]
 I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to file a chargeback against me, considering I wrote this earlier...  There's no sign on my PayPal account that it has been affected by anything.
I don't care at all how closely the show follows the books. In fact, I can hardly remember what happened in A Dance with Dragons since I read it four years ago.   Tonight was the first time I felt the show really going off the rails when Stannis had Shireen burned. That was fucking terrible. It was foreshadowed so obviously that it wasn't even shocking. It would have been more shocking if he actually followed up on his speech from a few episodes ago and stood up for...
It's good that the thread is slowing down. Hopefully it will reduce the bullshit and things like DWW's efforts will get more attention. It isn't over yet.
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I will gladly contribute to the fund.
Some orders started going out in 2014. I think it was after the spreadsheet. That was before anyone tried the restaurant angle. I received my wool MA-1 in early Nov 2014. Some other MA-1s went out earlier than that.
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