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 Thanks for the advice, I just bought the last (only?) 38, three minutes after they went on sale!
I might have to pick up some of those Roy RT1002 in size 38. 3sixteen+ 11BSP fits me perfectly in size 38. I'm 6'5" with big thighs. My 11BSP is slightly more tapered than the measurements given for 11BSP on the web site. Would it be safe to say the RT1002 would also work?
In Distorbiant's case, it's not even his $800.
Charly is secretly moving ninopwns to the back of queue.
Jackets still going out, as recently as last week and seemingly almost every week. Incredibly slow, but I'm just going to sit tight with my two orders.
 Several people received jackets last week.
I'm in for #11.
Some people are taking this guy seriously? He just likes to stir up shit. 
 You have to be the most naive person in this thread.
 I bought a spot for a dark brown goat A-2, original purchase December 2013. I updated measurements on December 18, 2014 (coincidence). I wonder if I'll get it soon.
New Posts  All Forums: