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 I'm suprised you think this season seems chaotic. If anything, this season has improved since Benioff and Weiss are forging their own story. They're good showrunners. Previous seasons would zip around from location to location without any real thematic connection, or service storylines unconnected to any other action (Ramsay/Theon). Now characters are coming together in interesting groups and there's often a throughline for each episode the ties the disparate parts...
After my ISP sent me a warning email, I bought a VPN and haven't had an issue since. I use Private Internet Access. Set up the SOCKS5 proxy in your torrent program of choice.
 Exactly. It was like one of Don's pitches, except completely empty of anything emotional."Here are some specifics. He lives in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio." Might not be an exact quote, but that should have clued people in immediately that Don isn't redundant. He's just useless.
Wait, people are actually upset that two of the most entertaining characters (Jaime and Bronn) get to spend time together and have adventures in Dorne instead of fucking around in the Riverlands?   Virtually every change that Benioff and Weiss have made has been an improvement for the TV show, which has different requirements from the written word to be entertaining and, you know, good, unlike the last two books.
 Also sounds like there's more jackets than just these. Who knows, maybe this is bullshit, but it's something. Kind of incredible how many jackets have been sitting around.
Charly has said in the past that he and Dan both aren't being paid.
I'm pretty sure that many of the wool MA-1 orders have Dan's email address. I have it.
 Check the SKU in the Order Confirmation email.
 Thanks for the advice, I just bought the last (only?) 38, three minutes after they went on sale!
I might have to pick up some of those Roy RT1002 in size 38. 3sixteen+ 11BSP fits me perfectly in size 38. I'm 6'5" with big thighs. My 11BSP is slightly more tapered than the measurements given for 11BSP on the web site. Would it be safe to say the RT1002 would also work?
New Posts  All Forums: