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 All my emails with tracking numbers were from the regular TOJ email address and signed by Dan. They were all about 2 years ago. I guess he's just not taking the time to send it.
All I received was a bcc email from Charly asking me to send an email to Dan confirming my shipping address. No other details.
Not sure how many people received tracking that late. I always had it at the time of shipment.
FWIW looking back at old emails, I received shipping confirmation from Dan on Fridays for my three past jackets. No telling if this will be true in the future.
I received one also. Wool MA-1 ordered 8/31/13.
I have a spot for sale. I was able to buy a spot for a color that was sold out, so I'm selling the original spot. See my sig.
Rice implied that his wife was the aggressor, which is now clearly untrue. It's an obvious move for Baltimore to make for PR reasons.
Why would Charly even bother replying to the massive number of emails he gets if everyone's jackets were not coming? Why waste the time?
I bought the spot in line for a dark brown goat A-2. Dark brown goat wasn't available when I made my A-2 order on April 1.   Therefore, I'm selling the spot in line for my original order. Charly confirmed you can change the style of jacket and the price should cover almost any combination. Check the link in my sig for more details.
I bought someone else's spot in line to get a color of jacket that wasn't available when I ordered, so now I'm selling my spot.   The original order was April 1, 2014, 22 weeks in. You should expect to wait a long time; I was probably one of the last orders. My order was an A-2 in brown unglazed goat with the bemberg lining upgrade. The original price was $855 and I'm selling it for the same amount.   Charly told me you can switch to any style jacket that would be the...
New Posts  All Forums: