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How we doing ? Got a status ?
    how much it it ?    
That'd be me, can I just shorten it like shortening the sleeves ?     haha what's with us shorties fancying this long coat.,,,     I just got this badboy (Officer's Coat, I mean), last one left on the rack. Funny how this thread is found right away by a simple search, I'm really impressed with styleforum LOL   I'm short so I had no intention to get a full length anything but the price - given the quality and style plus the fact I feel I look like a fucking hotshot...
Things I don't get:   People wearing suit or nice light jacket but shouldering a BIG-ASS backpack (so the jacket is all pulled out of shape) ....they look like they're morons on hiking trip wearing office clothes.
> What's up with people always taking notes no matter what?   you have to be an North Korean to understand that
 LOL 2 people just on this page don't know their shoe size, amazing
Long fucking commute so 7
  Would like a pair of :   McAllister Wing Tip  size: 8 D(M) US ; color: Walnut
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