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uh condition ?
Got the Strand as expected but have a question.
Yes it may very well mold and fit like a glove but I'm finding the lack of cushioning which absorbs the pounding impact uncomfortable. I've been wearing synthetic sole for too long.
yeah it comes down to the most basic of human instinct: Prejudice.
    umm Captain Obvious ? Not talking about borders/politics here. I was refering to economy. HK wage level is near equal to the West. (so the slave wage finger-wagging wasn't there)    
  To me, when it says "Imported" that means - in 90% case - China.   Now, to you - what if it's made in other emerging economy countries like Vietnam, India, Mexico, Thailand or (gasp) Haiti....? would you feel different ?  I would because I believe China does better than all these other countries. Remember HK ? How it used to be the place where a shitload of clothings are amde ? well China now is like HK times 6865416574654.   Also I share your feeling. Polo RL baseline...
  Model is Strand. This is my first leather-soled shoes I will be wearing daily. Anyone has a recommendation for inner cushion ?
Just wanted to "cover all bases"
wow didn't know C&J makes this size
I bought these BrooksBro Suede Moccasin       With my size (8) - I couldn't even put my foot in, so I went to 8.5. When wearing thick workout sock, they still feel rather tight (as in not wide enough)   Sales woman says they stretch. That true ? How much will such shoes stretch ?
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