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Anyone familiar with these 2 methods can explain what the differences are and pros   and cons of each ?   thanks
I'm getting Foot Shox pads will report back
billy reid
Yes I'm refering to the 2-222 last  these shoes are made from I just got Strand 8D also. Now I regret a bit. I think I will avoid that last from now. They weren't kidding when they said " for a long, narrow foot.". I wish they're a bit wider. I have to keep the eyelet tabs wide open.
uh, yup
agree. stop sweating about it.
it exists, does it not ?   but they don't have it here: all about lasts
I think you were porbably thinking of "peasant" and from there went directly to "Communist"  
...or pea coat-like coat   Anything wrong with it being this color ?    
This thing is worth it ? Does it work well with pants like Dockers ?
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