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Like so, good, bad or does not matter ?    
I just received from UK  5 dress & business casual shirts. (like this one   Like all the comments I have read the fit is quite spot on. (15.5/Slim Fit)   Fabric-wise, it's apparent "you get what you pay for" does hold true - you get perhaps a bit more when you get them on deep discount (like $30 on Black Friday)    Compared to the designer brand ones I feel the 100% cotton fabric is of less thread count, so not as "dense" and solid and as a...
I have gained weight so my B.Reid wool peacoat fits real tight somewhat like this guy (yeah he has lost the button). There's no spare fabric for expansion.   Is there any remedy for this situation ?   One thing I'm thinking : replacing at least the sewed-on right-side middle button with a 2-connected-button-thing like this :  (What do you call this thing ?)       ()---()   This likely requires putting in a little hole in the jacket.   How about...
Went there on Day 2 (way too early, stupid prices) and the final 2 days, spent a total of about 12 hours in there racking thru everything LOL
  I was there earlier tonite (Friday 7 ~8) . By ny standard not too crowded. There were like  8 or 10 cashiers but hardly anyone has any cashiering to do. Which I think actually I'm pretty certain is because of the shitty prices. And looks like they have stuff from YEARS AGO, all dusty and old looking still at 50% of the insane original hipster prices , no wonder they don't sell.
Well...fuck them for all I care?You wanna throw money at corporate you go right ahead.I'm a cheap ass New was there earlier tonight for about an hour and half.It's rather odd - shabby basement surrounding, most people there just don't look likeThey can afford the stuff there.the prices just don't reflect that I.e. warehouse so far this "sale" is a teaser , a fucking joke for morons.(yes if you buy a shirt for $80 in this bazaar you're a moron)Maybe...
> Redoing my entire wardrobe   why redoing ? what happen to the wardrobe ?
you mean it starts @ 25% discount, then go up to 75% towards the end ? If so, then Jesus - sounds like they're trying to squeeze as much $ outta people as possible.
so how good are the bargains at Barneys Warehouse sale ? (like what discount % off full retail)
size is Small for all of them ? also - just curious - why did you wash them LOL
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