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Greetings.  I have a pair of Navy Garand pants that need more love than I can provide.  I had them hemmed to 32" and wore them exactly once.  I have too many pants, and far too many pants in navy.  
It is a little higher, so for someone with a bulkier build the lapel may bow. But it works great for me, even better than the Southwick jackets, I'd say.  The higher stance, which gives it a smart, less-shrunken appearance, and the slanted pocket flaps, which look mod and rakish - make for a great look.  Shoulders are excellent, too.  Having said all that, I think this crop of Samuelsohn jackets have been tweaked.  Mike?
I think the slanted pocket flaps are a subtle and smart look.  I'm quite fond of the all-around look - the wider lapel, the slanted pocket flaps, the soft shoulder.  I highly recommend.   
I have the chestnut plaid Samuelsohn sport coat in a size 40, the same size I take in Southwick.  My Southwick coats need a little taken in on the sides; my Samuelsohn fit me right off the rack.  The soft shoulder and unstructured fit works well for me, and so does the higher button stance.  But I know some have done less well with the button stance, finding it restrictive.  
I'm thin - 6', 155 pounds - but shoulders are tight and sleeves are short on me in a 38R, so I normally go with 40R and make the normal adjustments.  At any rate, I got the heirloom in a 40 and find the fit nice and sharp.
Great fits on those jackets.  Really nice
Mike,  Any chance you could re-stock the brushed gingham twill?  It's a beauty.
I somehow slept on the brushed gingham twill. If anyone has a size medium they'd like to let go of, please send me a PM.
I picked up the bottle green T-shirt today.  Great fit, great feel - and a great complement to my ring ring denim.
I have for sale a caramel-colored, gently-worn leather Wyatt jacket in a large.  There are a couple of minor scuffs (visible in the photos), but it's otherwise in excellent condition.
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