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 +1I personally am going for the Marston (337) next because of the fit. I recommend Pediwear.
 Thank you. I plan to wear this to work where the attire is business casual. Alas, even the AE Strands are attracting a lot of unwanted attention. I thought this pair was beautiful yet subtle.
From my recent experience at BB. Suits: Recognize your customer's needs. Some people know exactly what they want and know what to look for. Others need guidance. At one store they tried to shove one jacket that I knew did not fit right. At another, the SA let me try a few different jackets and pointed out which worked best. She even suggested going to Madison Ave store for MTM option. Shoes: I wanted to get some Peal & Co shoes and I wanted to know if they were AS or...
I'm looking to buy my first pair. Opinions on this pair please.
I'd recommend 15 tailored or 14.5 slim on CT. Probably won't be wearing a tie on 14.5 though.
  Current rotation.
I was in a similar situation. There are a lot of excellent recommendations already. If you have not looked at watchuseek forum, you should. They love watches and know a lot. 500-2500 is a wide range. You have several options.   I settled for a Hamilton Khaki (2824 movement) and EPOS originale 3387 (2892 movement). You can look at my post for pictures. I was looking at Stowa Antea but went for EPOS because I wanted a 2892 movement. I use Khaki for daily wear and EPOS...
I was at the gym bathroom and there was a naked guy by the air dryer. I was wondering what he was up to. He was trying to dry himself after a shower. WTF! EDIT: There was only one dryer.
Unfortunately, this store is closed now. The phone was disconnected so I went to the store but it was closed. If he has moved somewhere else, can you please update. Thanks.
Please help. I need alteration advice. I took two Canali suits for alterations today at a local tailor. I am a little concerned because he did not take any measurements. He simply marked certain areas with chalk. I did not know what to expect so I thought it was normal. The second suit however felt fuller and required the sides taken in. The time he wanted to move the button to the right to make the suit fit. That would have lined the lapels poorly. When I asked that the...
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