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Where can I get shoe trees for St. Crispin's? Is there a recommended alternative?
Picked up my pair from UPS today. I'm very happy that they fit great. EDIT: Added pic of sole as requested.
Update: I agree the price for work is ridiculous. I am still not satisfied with the jacket. I was at CEGO to get some shirts made this week and Carl also recommended Cardelino. I'm heading there next.  
You are correct, I get them from Pediwear. I would not have picked 5.5E myself. I was fitted for Audley at C & J store by the SA, the pair fit great. When I asked what size it was, she told me it was 5.5E. I was shocked at first but the shoes were very comfortable.
 Careful. I have Clifton 7D, they are tight. I ordered C&J Audley in 5.5E (UK) after trying at C & J store. FWIW I was fitted for 6E in Hallam but it pinched while walking, so I switched to Audley.
Almost new. Only worn twice. I have added pictures to show the details. These BB versions have some padding and rubber attached to the sole. I found them more comfortable than my Cliftons due to that padding.   I will only ship in continental US via USPS. Buyer pays shipping (I will use USPS calculator to determine the cost). I will accept Paypal only. First to pay will get the pair.   EDIT: SOLD
I picked up Spray Waterproofer ( says Silicone free) from Allen Edmonds store. I was about to spray it on my shoes but in their website the video says not to spray on calf skin shoes. I am confused. Can I use it on my Strand and Clifton?
 I dropped two suits. The jackets had sides taken in @ 95 and collar lowered @ 45. The trousers had waist and set adjusted @ 35, leg tapered @ 45, and hemmed @ 25. Total for two suits 490.
I was in a similar situation and this is my plan. I dropped off a BR suit at my local tailor last week. Once it is done, I'll post some pictures for review on Alterations thread here. If it goes well, I will go to him for all future alterations.
There is a thread on NYC tailors for alterations. It has several recommendation. I ended up dropping my suits at Bhambi this week because they were recommended in that thread. They are in 60th St next to Central Park.
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