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Wow! They are amazing.   I'm looking for a shade closer to dark tan. I was originally looking for Alden Day Tripper in Ravello, but I do not think I can buy them anymore.  
I am trying to order shell boots to wear with jeans but I cannot decide between shell cognac and burgundy. Can someone who owns these color in shell help me please?
I am trying to get Carmina shell boots in Soller last. I am 5.5E in C& J 337. Can you help me with sizing?
Thank you. I'll do as you suggested. How do you clean your jeans?
Just received my Eternal 883 One Wash from BiG. It's a little stiff right now, and I would like to make it softer. Should I soak it or machine wash it? Or should I just wear them for a few days? Thank you.
Thanks for the feedback. And the search goes on.
I posted on Ask quick question first, got only one response. Trying to decide on this pair for my first monks. Thank you for looking.     PS: Mods can we get a general thread for buy/thoughts questions on shoes?
Correct. I'll try leathersoul. Thanks.
Help! I'm trying to decide which one to get. I plan to wear them with dark jeans and tailored chinos. Thanks.    
Barney's has sale on men's shoes. You can buy them online. Saw a couple of C & J Westbournes for 419. Hurry
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