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@Jarlean   Thank you for your help. I gave up and decided to exchange for size 30 on Weird Guys. I am returning the Slim Guys. After my last experience with LVC 47 sz 29, I don't want to take chances.
I need help. Just got Weird Guy Sz 29 Soft Selvedge and Slim Guys Sz 29 Soft Selvedge from Gilt. My waist is 31 in and I ordered size 29 after reading some posts in this thread. Weird Guy waist fits perfectly, but Slim Guy waist is loose (probably due to rise). Both jeans are tight in the hip area. Do these jeans stretch much in the hip area? I'm not sure if I should keep them or return them.   Any feed back will be much appreciated. Thanks
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There is no need to be scared. Vass customer service is great. They are willing to exchange the pair; I'm the one who wants to keep it. I ordered three and they are all beautiful. Rezso has been very helpful. He helped me with size, and the fit is great.          
  True. But these Vass shoes are so addicting.
Ordered a single monk but received the pair below instead. Was thinking of returning it first, but now looking for excuse to keep it. U last in Oxblood  
NAMOR, I was expecting cognac to be a little darker, but your pictures look great. I am trying to choose between whiskey & cognac.
Lurking to order a pair of cordovan boots. Trying to decide on the last: 3636, Peter or New Peter. Can anyone share some thoughts if you own one of these? Thanks
How much does the LVC 47 stretch? I was told it would stretch an inch around the waist. I got 29, which is a little tight. A little stretch would be perfect.
      Looks like I have offended some members with my questions; believe me that was not the intent. I'm very new to raw denim. Since, BiG was recommended in these posts, I stopped by to buy a pair and ended with Eternals. I do not get to wear jeans often but I love them. This week I picked up LVC 1947 raw, which I am NOT going to wash. I plan to wear it for good 6 months before I soak it. BTW how much does LVC raw stretch? I got 29 waist. I was told it will stretch an...
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