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Huge sale right now.  For those who wear a Tux only now and then, and really don't want to spend a mint on one (as opposed to a go-to suit for work or play), Joseph A. Banks is having their 70% off sale.  That's 70% off of everything.  I bought the Signature line with the grosgrain satin peak lapels, single button when they ran this sale during the summer.  It is a very nice tux, especially for $268.00.  Actually, it's a steal for that price considering that a Vera Wang...
Friendly word of warning:  This is directed to the newbies like me, as I know the vets here already are aware.  I prefer understated vintage elegance.  Personally, I am not a fan of the big Rolex type dials, but you know what they say about opinions, and I certainly respect the Rolex brand and similar big face quality watches that seem to be the rage.  To each his own, as they say.  I bought a 1952 vintage Vulcain watch from a respected online dealer.  I would rather not...
Love the vintage stuff myself.  Here's a 1952 solid 18K gold Vulcain.  Really love the understated elegance.    
As to clothing, no.  Just wear a different tie.  
Nice sale.  Not their best (that's the 70% off entire site sale), but in light of your time constraints, it sounds like a godsend.  I have the gosgrain lapel tux mentioned above, and love it, but the less expensive one should be fine given your parameters.  Low on cash, and not likely to wear it again for some time.  Either way, it beats renting.  Good luck.   
A wedding is the perfect place to wear your first bow tie.  The formality of the event won't make the wearing of the bow tie unusual, even for those who know you well.  Go for it, and follow the video in this thread.  Just practice and you'll be fine.  Ignore those who say that if you have to ask then you shouldn't; as if they were born wearing one.  Have fun with it.
Square toe shoes are immensely popular on this forum.  I'm sure your about to get a boat-load of support for choice of foot-wear.  
If the thinning is noticeable, but not too bad, hair transplant surgery is hard to beat.  The challenge here is not to get butchered by a quack.  
Absolutely.  It's the reason I'm done with AE, and I just hate it.  On all three of my AE's the Quarters are real floppy.  It looks like the vagina of an 80 year-old prostitute (or so I would imagine).  Can't stand it.  You can even see the problem on page 399 of this thread in newbie123's first picture.  The Quarter gets floppy as it rounds toward the eyelets.  I don't understand why they can't fix this, but they evidently can't.  Love their style, but hate their...
I vote this thread as the most pointless of the month.  
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