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I am using B&W P5 headphones.
I see maybe I should rephrase, I don't mean the classic barbershop you see now, where it is some untrained old man/women. I am talking about places that are similar to the ones in this link. http://www.details.com/style-advice/grooming/201206/best-barbershops-in-the-usa. Unless that is what you were referring to in your previous post, then ignore me...
Hopefuls think GLUU will hit 7. I don't see how it is possible with the sudden drop they just had.
Sounds interesting. Might be a good piece.
Why? If I may ask do you disagree?
Maybe blazer wasn't the correct wording. Unstructured jacket? Something I can wear over a t-shirt or BD shirt.
Please recommend me a cheap (but decent quality) blazer (sport coat)?
Best product for hair-layrite Best place to get a haircut-classic barbershop
Really like everything that is coming out. It is a shame I do not have much spending money.
Thanks for the response. Is there anything similar (price, possibly MTM) that is more inline with mc train of thought?
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