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 ahh i can see the resemblance in the leather... a bit on the glossy side 
 o snap they gotta hella nice biker jacket. although ive never heard of them before... hows the quality/fit? does anyone have any experience with iro...
 they do have a sale right now... but only the ugly, shitty ass leathers are on sale. all the good ones are still full price... and if im gonna pay $700~ i prefer one that actually has the quality to back up the price
ive seen a few blk dnm that look pretty cool, but that one?.... whose fuckin idea was it to put "Freedom" on the back lolol
man there are quite a few really nice looking TOJ jackets...   does anyone know any other brands similar to TOJ?
 toj looks pretty awesome. wish i knew about it before they ended...what is B&S?
 thanks for the suggestion but im not the biggest fan of schott... their jackets are a bit "glossy" and rigid (long break-in period) for my taste. i was hoping to find something similar to this  http://www.us.allsaints.com/men/leathers/allsaints-griff-leather-biker-jacket/?colour=5&category=9 something similar that has the biker design/cross zip but SMALL collar lapels... if that makes any...
 thanks for the suggestion! although, its a bit too plain for my taste. just a bit tho.
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