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http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/pre_order_suits/sienna-light-grey-plain/P3881I.html?start=2&cgid=pre_order_suits http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/pre_order_suits/sienna-light-grey-plain/P4214I.html?start=17&cgid=pre_order_suits   has anyone seen these 2 s/s "pre-order" suits? i like them both but i question the accuracy of the colors in the photos the first one looks just right for light grey and the 2nd one looks a bit too light for light grey... which makes me...
 i think it looks AWESOME. The ONLY thing I dont like about it are the patch pockets... Id prefer flaps. But yea, if you can pull off that casual/not super formal look like the model does, then it would look great. (Although I'd wear brown shoes rather than black, personally not a fan of black shoes) p.s. the suit you took of a photo of in your last post ISN'T this suit right? cuz they look nothing alike...
 as for the bowing, do you think that could be because i had my hands in my pockets and in your opinion, is the bowing im experiencing an extreme case or minor? i just tried on my jacket and while resting there is about 1 cm gap between lapel and my chest (buttoned up)
Hey yall,   Sorry for the late photo but here is the Lazio interview suit I got. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/lazio-blue-plain/P3960I.html?start=37&cgid=Suits   36R -- alterations -- shortened jacket an inch, shortened dress shirt sleeve length, hemmed pants slightly, added 1.5 inch to pants waist/seat (Total = $175 for alterations)   Only have front photo right now    
i just dropped my suit off at Maya & Company. Has perfect reviews on yelp but ill wait till I see the results to post here.
 i just moved to LA last week and im in dire need of a reliable tailor!!! i really dont care where in LA as long its within a 30min drive of Pasadena area.  I was going to consider first class tailor but after reading a few negative reviews on this thread im hesitant...
hey all i just received my lazio in size 36 & 38 http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/lazio-blue-plain/P3960I.html?start=37&cgid=Suits   planning on taking it to the tailor tomorrow and will upload pics afterwards but i have a SLIGHT dilemna   The jacket from the size 36 fits me better than the 38 while the pants from the 38 fit better than the 36... (The 38 pants aren't perfect, just SLIGHTLY larger but easily fixable whereas the 36 is a bit tight around the seat...
 good to hear! ill be sure to post some pics after i get everything delivered before/after alterations pics  p.s. in times of urgency... do any of you guys schedule appointments in advance with your tailors? or do people not do that... and just show up the day of? im kinda on a very very tight schedule and need everything finished ASAP and being in a new city and not knowing any tailors is kind of making me worried about long turnarounds.
no one's asked/mentioned this recently... but do SUSU shirts come with collar stays? if so, are they good enough to keep or do i need to purchase new set?
well after i thought about it, i think it might be safer for ME to go with standard suit rather than ticket pocket...my major is supply chain management and my background/past experience has been in fashion manufacturing/trade (experience with overseas suppliers / domestic retailers). Thus, the jobs im applying to are mostly/primarily at apparel companies in LA... so perhaps an interviewer at an apparel company might be more keen when it comes to ticket pocket suits
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