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I only brought up shoulders because the models in the photos all seem to be at least 6'0 tall with wide shoulders... im a newb but its good to hear that my height shouldn't be too much of a factor! I prefer a slim fitting cut without looking too bulky is all
hey all,    completely new to suit supply and ive been browsing through the pages (50 pages so far) but I haven't found a DIRECT answer related to my question...    Can suit supply work for short guys?  -Barefoot, im 5'8 (173-174cm) -I'm fairly built, not too skinny not big/fat, just slim with broad shoulders   Are there any specific fits that someone of my height should stay away from?   Just from a quick glance, the ones i'm really liking...
I've been looking around the forum but I can't seem to find a straight answer to my question...   Are all name brand suits MTM, ready to wear, bespoke, or what?   example:   http://www.gq.com/style/wear-it-now/201109/james-marsden-tweed-suits#slide=2   The suit is by Simon Spurr Does Simon Spurr and other name brands create bespoke suits? Or are these name brand suits made ready to wear and then taken to a tailor? What is the accurate way of describing this type...
 sorry but... your site looks super sketchy.
 it doesn't have to be a "fishtail" parka. I'm really just looking for one with good styling (not too plain), decent quality and slim fitting (not bulky).It cant be too long either... since im not too tall. I'm only 5'9. So mid-thigh would be my max length
Hello all,   I've been looking for a parka for a new parka for a while now... and Im having a really hard time finding a parka brand that isnt either "old man" style or ridiculously expensive.   The only one I have been able to find that is my to my liking in terms of style/design is this...
 ahh i can see the resemblance in the leather... a bit on the glossy side 
 o snap they gotta hella nice biker jacket. although ive never heard of them before... hows the quality/fit? does anyone have any experience with iro...
 they do have a sale right now... but only the ugly, shitty ass leathers are on sale. all the good ones are still full price... and if im gonna pay $700~ i prefer one that actually has the quality to back up the price
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