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So sick. Every time I wear my stark I get compliments. Can't wait to kop a few of these pieces.  
Filson's boot oil. Are you people seriously using sno-seal and water to condition your leather?
Wanted- Uniqlo slim fit oxford M in blue/white.   Willing to pay a proxy fee or lightly used shirts. Shoot me a PM to discuss pricing.
Additional 15% on sale items doesn't seem to be working for me.
  from PE.com? or from where?
link? i dont see it
Are there any discount codes beside the 25% off sale items floating around right now?  
If they have white/blue slim oxfords there in medium i'd pay for cost+proxy as well.... Lost my blue one in a drunken stupor and cannot get ahold of another :(  
SNS BB Omega APC Wolverine
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