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Is there anywhere still selling pocket sweaters?  
I would personally get them hemmed. That would be an absurdly thick cuff. Out of curiosity, how tall are you? I have on a size 30, and I didn't have to hem them at all, moreover not have 5 inches of extra fabric
They look baggy to me, I'd size down.  
Never really understood the appeal of camo for anything other than actually hunting.   IMHO; Just looks like one of the million rednecks rollin' around here.
Yeah, I actually had just gotten them hemmed and threw them on to see how it looked (hence the crease). A wash will fix that.
Those look markedly more tapered at the waist than the one I bought when the webstore dropped  
Do those stows ever go on sale?
Thinking about picking up a couple shirts. How substantial is the cloth on the overdyes?  
Every time may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it gets more compliments than one would think. Then again, everyone dresses terribly here, so there's always that.
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