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I'd jump on the indigo dot bandwagon.  
My natural leather wallet made by styleforum's own, Zissou. Great construction and pretty reasonable. It seems as though he's not taking orders for a week or two though.     [[SPOILER]]
With black polka dots. I'd rock it.
+1   If you want a high quality, classic, leather that actually fits.... do yourself a favor and pull the trigger.
That would be the french blue.
The slub material is pretty damned comfortable.   [[SPOILER]]
Mauro, You wouldn't happen to have any more of the french blue cotton slubs in med BD lying around would you?   
I'm trying to register on the site so I can buy the tote. The link to "sign up" doesn't work. Why you trollin'
Anyone have/try on any of the linen shirts? Kinda curious about how decent the fabric is....  
Has APC ever made white NS? I can't seem to find anything currently...
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