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Looking for some MMM brown side zips in 43. Message me with prices. May also consider colors other than brown (no black).
  There goes my bank account.
I would probably end up buying a lot more product if I could see the material in person, but alas, that's not possible. I'm hesitant to buy stuff that I can't tell if I would like the texture/fabric.  
^ ETA for shipping would be nice.   Also, how big are those checks for the buffalo?  
That indigo floral     Buffalo's look nice. I'd love to feel that T material as well.
Where are we at on dem dots?
I need some cranberry shorts/chino's in my life.  
OP, just because someone has posted on a forum for three years does not make them a "sour blogger". You wanted opinions and you got just that. Just because you don't like the responses, gives you no right to act like a pompous ass.   In response to your question, there are plenty of small clothing companies that produce unique products already. If you're simply seeking clothing to be unique, perhaps high fashion's exclusivity would be more up your alley. This...
is there any of this cloth still available?
I have bought ties from them before. Hard to beat for 15 bucks. I will say that the faux grenadine I bought has strands unweaving though.  
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