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Wedding over the weekend:
[[SPOILER]] I must say, that sample indigo chambray is by far the best 35 bucks I've EVER spent. The hand feel of it and the pinpoint is very nice. As much as it pains me to say, Mauro, you were right.   That shade of pink doesn't work with my skin color very well, but I'll come up with some way to pull it off.
AFP, who are those jackets by?   look around for two seconds.   /thread.  
Anyone from NY willing to proxy for me? Seems the online ships from overseas and with 20$ shipping and 20% duties.... hard to see it being worth it.  
I like that idea Mauro.  
Hey guys,   I'm trying to find the tan linen jacket in a 36R. The local Austin store only has them left in black. Would anyone be able to proxy one for me?   Best, B.
I still haven't gotten my dots  
Looks pretty shallow to me. Throw some lp on that thing.
Pardon the ignorance, but are all the walt trousers perma pressed, or are they just pressed for the pics on the site?  
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