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Yeah, as some of you may know from my other annoyed/angry post, I had some terrible trouble with Unionmade online.  
Go ride the motorcycle, that'll stretch them out where its needed!
        Why would I give Unionmade a break?  There are plenty of places to shop.  I love their selection of Aldens and a lot of the other clothes they stock, but there is no way in hell I'll ever try to purchase anything from them again. 
nevermind, unionmade screwed me   I now hate them.
unionmade had the rockfords for $220 a couple weeks ago, I bought a pair online a few minutes after they went on sale, and the company screwed me over.  They refused to send me my boots... They kept saying they would "probably be sent out tomorrow", then they emailed me saying they don't have them anymore...    
Since youw anted to be helped out, Check out the rockfords on unionmade.  On sale right now for $219 until they sell out! gogogogogogo!
New Posts  All Forums: