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I agree totally. My AE Eastport are very high quality and great, but run a bit small.  Shoe trees and wear are stretching them to the proper size for me as well, but got blisters after the first few wears until my feet (or shoe?) adapted.  I walk A LOT during the day though.   Since they are recraftable, I haven't decided whether I'll have AE do that, or just outright replace them, since they are not terribly expensive (compared to recrafting services).
    I'm sure they will have a sneak preview for some of the higher end shops and allow a photo to be leaked soon enough. They want to make you wait for it.
onthefly has 30% off wolverine 1000 mile overstock items on their website! good chance to get a pair for $250
I just wanted to mention to anyone still on the fence about these boots (this is a review thread you know): I absolutely love my 1000 mile boots.  I'm in academia, but my rockford model boots look just fine in my office as they do in the machine shops.  I walk a half mile to work in them, wear them for 14 hours per work day (half the day in the office, half the day in the machine shop, and half the day in the laboratory) and then walk home in them.  I do prefer Alden...
Don't use a leather spray! this isn't junk leather.  Follow the instructions on this forum, or follow the official Wolverine video.  
I have a tweed Hilfger slimfit sportcoat that I love.  Got it for 50 bucks at Macy's, you can't go wrong!  Only wish it had elbow patches so I can wear it when giving lectures.
I think a lot of people here are buying $200-$300 jeans because of the Made in a developed nation aspect.  The pair of jeans I am wearing right now were $5 Calvin Klein jeans on the clearance rack at Macy's.  So I am not really in the same ball park as the big spenders (although I do spend a lot for Aldens :) ) I would certainly choose a $140 pair of Levi's made in USA jeans over a $90 pair of jeans if that was in my pricerange.
have you tried hitting them with rocks?
I am actually going to buy some dickies pants right now because of this story!
The Wolverine Montgomery boots look a bit like the first set posted!
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