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Rockford's are gone from what I understand.  Luckily I bought a pair :)
Revolve offers 30% off for first time customers, I think you have to call or email them. 
Thanks milw! I'll give them a call and see if they can give me the "part number" to order one.
So the 256 doesn't come with the connecting piece between on the handles anymore?  It looks like the 257 does.
Putting my 1000 mile rockfords to good use at the local dive bar.  Activating the levers I don't want to touch with my hands...  
I use obenauf's on my boots.  Would you guys still recommend cleaning with Sapphir Reno? They feel a bit dried out, should I use a different oil in addition to the Obenauf's?
My Rockford 1000 mile boots after about 3 months of heavy wear.  A lot of 20 hour days, a few 48 hour days.  Walk/Commute, Lab, Machine Shop, Hiking, etc. Not extraordinarily happy with all of the crinkling that is going on.  But some of it is to be expected (I think?)
I have worn in rockfords. Though not beaten in like Crane's.  I'll post pics in a couple days after the academic semester winds down.  They are my daily wear for days I'm in the laboratory, machine shop, or field.
I could send one to 100,000 ft if the bag was comped
I'm really interested in seeing how Trapp's boots are doing after the conditioning and brushing to try to recover them.
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