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ooh, I bet you could fit one of those expandable hand fans in the 256 side pocket! It may not be socially acceptable for men to carry one of those though...
oh, because your description was in response to organizing the 256.
how do you fit a water bottle in the 256 side pouch (where the straps connect)?  I don't even think I could fit a pen in there.  Maybe I need to break it in more?
yep, some people on here have tried washing/drying it.  I think the results were mixed.  The wax comes out and the bag shrinks (but unevenly)
1952 offered cheaper american labor and more options (and competition) for sourcing quality tanned leather.  So perhaps its reasonable.  If more people would start buying quality shoes, then it could bring down the cost again.
If you don't like the lack of compartments in the duffle bag, you can consider packing like a backpacker.   I have one large pack when I'm out hiking.  You use more smaller bags as modules so you don't need to dig thorugh everything to find your can of tuna. Sub-bags:   1.) Food and used food refuse in a ziplock bag 2.) Toiletries (if I bring any) 3.) Warm weather clothes 4.) Cold weather clothes 5.) Used underwear/socks 6.) Tent poles 7.)...
I just picked up the medium duffle and it is very large.  Larger than a carry-on size limit if filled to capacity.  The "large" size would be for well over a week of travel (at least the way I pack).    Also, I think if you filled the large duffle up, it would be way heavier than you would be willing to carry.  Although, perhaps you are some sort of muscle man?  I've seen pictures of people carrying the large size, but it always looks less than half...
  A personal shopper seems a bit extreme.  There are plenty of stores with excellent customer service, I shop at many of them.  This was a pretty simple case, however, Unionmade entered in to a contract that they did not fulfill and then jerked me around for weeks.  So I will always recommend avoiding them.
I ordered a pair of wolverine rockfords from them on sale, I called to confirm the order went through and everything, a couple weeks went by and they cancelled the order and said they "no longer had them".  It took a few weeks for them to refund my money.  I'm sure that after taking my money for the web clearance price, they sold them in the store at full price and decided to shaft me.  During the whole ordeal, I received no phone call or anything to tell me that they...
I assume this is because tomorrow is a holiday.  I think Crane's has been pretty good to most people on the forum, but I know I'm often poisoned against various retailers for various reasons.  For instance: I hate unionmade goods for screwing me on an order a few months ago.
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