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for $55 you can get a great belt from from filson as well
I use Obenauf's LP and haven't had any problems.    One guy in here was saying he was getting a brownish transfer from his straps on to white shirts, I'm not sure what he was using, but I would avoid that one.   I think Obenauf's LP pretty much is leather oil, except it releases slowly over time due to the wax substrate. 
by the way, UV light (from the sun) helps to destroy the mildew smell. Leave your bag in the sun for a few hours, then turn it inside out and leave it in the sun again.
some people actually still use these for camping, fishing, hunting trips.  If they get wet, they will often smell mildewy which is very difficult to remove.  It's also a huge problem with oil skin clothing.
You should at least be able to get the On The Fly 15% off moving sale deal for the next few days, plus their 10% frequent buyer deal.   But it sounds like someone above got the 30% off!
A lot of people are using the medium duffle as airplane carry-ons as well, but not filling it to capacity.  So long as you can stuff it into the size-o-meter box, then you can generally get away with it.
head down to the machine shop if you really want a patina.  Harsh chemicals + sharp metal shards + hot embers from the grinders will make your fancy shoes look like workboots in no time.
I had gotten a PM back from huskeyzealot, he wanted $200 for the tan medium duffle plus shipping.  You can get a new one for $250 shipped, so probably not worth it to buy used. 
lol, I think the guy that said the white scuffs are "white out" is making fun of me.  But I think it really is paint transfer from a poorly painted drywall wall.
those scuff marks are from poorly painted drywall which you must have brushed up against.  just rub it out with your finger.
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