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I just got a mackinaw cruiser as well.  I'm normally a 39 or 40 size chest and the 36 fits fine with a sweater.  These things are enormous, so I really recommend sizing down unless you plan to wear a live preserver or something underneath.
I agree with the sizing down twice.  Just got mine in a size 36 and I am normally a size 39-40. 
oh man, costar got rid of all but one pair (size 12) of the tan addison, I would have definitely picked those up for 50% off.
the grip alone is $10, to have it installed it is $20.  Definitely worth having it installed professionally at the factory if that is the route you want to go.   You can buy the bag at brooks brothers and then send it back to the factory if you want (mailed at your expense of course).  Just call them and tell them you'd like the grip installed.  Brooks Brothers may also just call the factory and get it for you through their service as well.
Just a note, I use the handgrip on the 256 uninstalled.  The leather is rigid enough so that it maintains its curved shape and stays on one of the straps when you buckle and unbuckle it, haven't had any problems with it falling off or anything.  this way I can choose to use it or remove it later.
I have one since they were giving them away for free if you bought two bags from filson simultaneously.  I also had a 15% off coupon and one of the bags was half off for some reason, so it wasn't a bad deal.   I use the Dopp kit on occasion, but you can't carry them on airplanes (no liquids!) so they aren't very popular in general.  I think this is why filson was giving them away for free.
nope, I Obenauf my leather.  You can probably just use water and a cloth to brush our the water spots though.
Filson occasionally has 20% off coupons, you can get a 15% off coupon right now if you'd like by using the "Likeitreal" app that they posted about on the filson facebook page a few weeks ago.
Great, you can get a brand new small duffle for 180 directly from filson.  6.95 shipping. 
You should check out some of the methods people have used on the filson bags to make the leather look older, It becomes much lighter with age (or fake age). But then again, you could just start with a lighter colored belt from another quality company.
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