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I have rockfords, I did post some pics before, Maybe just click my profile page to view them?
I just want to mention that the soles on my new Addisons are not the same as on my Rockfords.  They seem to have upgraded the leather significantly.  The Rockfords used to get little pebbles lodged in them constantly until the left sole self destructed.  The Addison soles are far more solid and look/feel like the J&R soles I had the cobbler put on my Rockfords afterwards.   Also, the addition of the gusseted tongue on the Addisons changed the sizing a bit.  The...
For those of you with the Addison boots.  How does your tongue connect to the sides?  It seems to have a webbing between the tongue and sides that my Rockfords don't have.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow perhaps.   It seems that it is to facilitate waterproofing to about 3/4 of the way up the tongue.
  does the Samantha Pleet 1000 mile line count as a collab that Crane's can't get, or are those fair game from the store?
  Cool!   Do you think "Waterproof" means the layman term of waterproof leather, or do you think it is the name of a process used in tanning?  Inferno is listed as "Waterproof", but chromexcel is not.
One of my soles lasted 6 months on my Wolverine Rockfords, the other one had hardly any wear.  I put JR soles on, and have had no problems since.  The original sole certainly isn't to the same standards as my Aldens which last at least two years.   Someone else on the forum was mentioning they were having trouble with tiny pebbles imbedding themselves into the sole.  I had that problem originally as well. Also not a problem I've had since replacing with JR or with any of...
will Crane's be having any black friday events?  Hopefully on tan addisons which happen to be in stock?
You will CERTAINLY get your money back from the credit card company.  They will backcharge it and the company will be out a pair of boots and pay a significant backcharge fee.  They will probably also call DHS to shut the site down, which for some reason is now the United States' anti-counterfit agency.
I wouldn't pay $550 for Krause boot.  At that point, may as well get the Shell Cordovan version.
Crane, what kind of boot oil do you use?  I see you talk about snoseal all the time, but you don't mention your boot oil very often.
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