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More specifically, the ones I'm interested in are the Burgundy PAs, the Patriots, and maybe the Weybridges.
Great shoes and in my size, but I have no need for all six pairs.  Would be very much interested if there's ever an option to split them up.
I stopped by, got one of the mahogany line suits for $500.  The easy way to tell the Mahogany line is the color of the Hickey Freeman tag on the sleeve: brown = mahogany, grey = cheaper, lower quality lines.  Among the mahogany line there are two fits, Addison and Beacon; I think Addison is a bit more traditional, the Beacon slightly more modern (although both are more traditional than the Sterling line).  Notably non-overcoat outerware was 75% off and I got a pretty...
    Yes, this is probably what should happen, but with shirts I've gotten lucky and been refunded the full price -- bought 3 during a corp card discount, returned 1, and the return was processed as a full price return ($88).  Obviously YMMV.  
I hadn't thought of that.  Is there any way to identify which is which based on the tag?
Does anyone think the cut of their suits has changed recently?  A fitz I bought 18 months ago fits fine, but when I tried one on recently the cut of the pants was much slimmer, to the point where the tailor said it was unalterably tight. 
For those of you with corporate discounts, I got an email today that on May 23 there will be a 30% off sale.  Good only on regularly priced merchandise, but from my experience this stacks with the standard volume discounts BB always has (3 shirts for $209, 2 1818 suits for $1600, etc.).
Been looking to pick up a pair of Walnut Strands.  I emailed AE and the Seconds price is $259, plus shipping, whereas firsts are $335 and I can just walk into the shop and pick them up.  At that price is it worth bothering with seconds?
I had a Brooks Brothers 1818 grey herringbone suit where the pants really did almost literally fall apart.  I had it for about a year and the fabric in the seat wore straight through  -- there were large holes on both sides on the inside of the pant legs. 
I bought one of these, too.  The tag on mine says it is the "Milburn" line, which is the same line Bloomingdale's carries.  I think it's a line made especially for department stores.  LC verified to me (as they have for others) that the suit is full-canvas.  The fabric is a bit coarse and not as good as the HF milburn suits at Bloomingdale's but the price is also a lot lower.
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