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My kids are playing rugby which in some ways I would consider less violent than soccer.!luc
dark paisley gets my vote.
Both teams looked exhausted. Weather was harsh on european teams. And I suspect french physprep aimed to be on top during the first round.!luc
Don't know about that, I'd like to get some sleep tonight...!luc
Made it back from work to see the second half. That was tense. The nigerian goal was astonishing!
His right shoulder is fine but I see his LEFT arm reaching to the ball in position to kick. Brazil was definitely lucky, they will have a hard time against colombia.!luc
I'd say belgium, but this is the weakest group, all the teams pretty much suck.!luc
Group H is so weak, you can probably advance to quarters.Disappointed to see both Germany and Brasil in France table, the other half table looks definitely easier.!luc
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