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I think the pictures are fairly representative of the demography and people you will encounter in some parts of Paris.I didn't find anything shocking or disturbingly out of place in these streetshots. I would add that most (if not all) of them, for me, are distinctive of paris : not so much because of the people portrayed (although I do recognize typical parisian allure), but because of the little details in the street! Also, probably all the asians in the pictures are...
I see you have embraced the Elan. I've had for 8 years now, best one I ever bought.!luc
Over a year of waiting, $200 price hike and the euro has plummeted against the dollar. That translates in a roughly 50% price increase for me. It looks nice but I'm out. !luc
Depends on the fabric. Lighter cottons in my experience are more expensive and less durable. Some of these shirts (from neapolitan makers) will start to fray at the collar or at the wrist after 4 or 5 years of moderate wear. Sturdier coton dress shirts from H&K, E&R will last longer. !luc
No, no places in Paris, and I daresay in France, fits this description. There are some pretty dangerous areas in the most loathsome projects, but the police still go there.!luc
What is reffered as "no-go" zones are ZUS (zone urbaine sensible). It means they will receive more subsidies from the urban area to help people who live there have access to better healthcare, more employment, etc...If I take Paris as an example, one of the ZUS is the "Belleville" or "fontaine au roi" area which is incidentally where about 1 million people converged yesterday (it begins at Place de la République). Hardly a no-go zone, I have walked there myself with wife...
I had not read this part of the forum for quite some time now, it is really worse than I ever imagined. !luc
All three have been killed. !luc
Might get more help asking on the cafe racer thread, don't you think?
Not at all, everything is perfectly clear. It helps if you have been following it from the beginning, as you should if you are ready to shell out $700 for a jacket... @canstyleace has summed it up rather nicely up above.I agree though, @Thurston Bros has a lot of patience dealing with some of the crowd here!!luc
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