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Depends on the fabric. Lighter cottons in my experience are more expensive and less durable. Some of these shirts (from neapolitan makers) will start to fray at the collar or at the wrist after 4 or 5 years of moderate wear. Sturdier coton dress shirts from H&K, E&R will last longer. !luc
Might get more help asking on the cafe racer thread, don't you think?
Not at all, everything is perfectly clear. It helps if you have been following it from the beginning, as you should if you are ready to shell out $700 for a jacket... @canstyleace has summed it up rather nicely up above.I agree though, @Thurston Bros has a lot of patience dealing with some of the crowd here!!luc
Thanks for clarifying this.!luc
Thanks, that's what I thought too, but the post above is misleading. Maybe they won't ship a fit testing jacket internationally?!luc
Does that mean you won't be able to ship internationally this thread's jacket?!luc
Yes, that's probably the idea. Nevertheless, I consider it to be detracting from his image to market selling suits to Kazak politicians.!luc
Yes, making all the money dressing up politicians from one of the most corrupt country in the world, nice. !luc
Yes, let's stick with the proposed revision which shortens the sleeves and reduces the shoulder width. !luc
a 19" p2p in size M is more like a fitted t shirt.Also, 2x the p2p measurement is not what your chest circumference should be. You have to take measurements on your existing garnments to make a valid comparison.!luc
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