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How about eggant colour for the belts? It's a popular shoe colour among styleforum members it seems. !luc
Yes, too bad. Eidos stuff went away for a couple hundreds of euro on yoox before the hype.
135 pounds for a merino v-neck.
Right. I bet he doesn't take checks too, does he?
I hate this forum.
Are they still taking orders?
Frankly, most of the things posted here look pretty bad. A tweed structured jacket should be "casual" enough for most of your needs. This "shirt jacket" doesn't seem to adress any gap in formalness.
Actually, I don't know "gall". Thank you.And going for a caricature isn't always the best way to make your point.!luc
I probably overvalue rich and distinct vocabulary. English compactness already simplifies its written form to a point where conciseness is an easily attainable goal.!luc
The posts are entertaining, well documented, and witty, but as a non native english speaker, I would not consider articles where I know every words to be "exceptionally well written".!luc
New Posts  All Forums: