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Thanks for clarifying this.!luc
Thanks, that's what I thought too, but the post above is misleading. Maybe they won't ship a fit testing jacket internationally?!luc
Does that mean you won't be able to ship internationally this thread's jacket?!luc
Yes, that's probably the idea. Nevertheless, I consider it to be detracting from his image to market selling suits to Kazak politicians.!luc
Yes, making all the money dressing up politicians from one of the most corrupt country in the world, nice. !luc
Yes, let's stick with the proposed revision which shortens the sleeves and reduces the shoulder width. !luc
a 19" p2p in size M is more like a fitted t shirt.Also, 2x the p2p measurement is not what your chest circumference should be. You have to take measurements on your existing garnments to make a valid comparison.!luc
Thanks.Indeed a size S should be more like a 18" shoulder at most. 17.75 sounds good.!luc
Do you have an idea of p2p and shoulder width for size S and M? I would then feel more at ease with discussing shoulder width decrease. There is not much you can do with your jacket if it's too slim at the shoulders, so we should be extra careful modifying this. Granted I have plenty of chest hair, but I intend to wear something underneath this jacket. !luc
Looks good. Definitely need to shorten these sleeves though. !luc
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