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If $$ was no object, which brand raw denim jeans would you choose?
I just picked up a nice blue blazer of similar color from P Johnson. Now I'm looking for an excuse to wear it out somewhere tonight...
But then the plebs would be able to afford it and it wouldn't be as exclusive.
Whatever takes the focus off your hairline.
It's not a troll, it's an outfit a friend of mine wore last night.   Personally I I think he looks vile and told him too. But he loves the looks.
What do you guys think of this outfit?      
Those shoes ain't got shit on Carmina's.
Good luck with it......exactly my size also :)
Gotta love getting an email from P Johnson advising of a kit arrival!   I don't think I've  been as excited over a piece of clothing ever.
I love these socks, just placed another order for 5 pairs of varying colours.
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