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Just brought these -   What shoes can I get which will "work" with the outfit? At the moment I only have Box Fresh (skate style shoes) and smart black italian shoes.   The ones in the picture look a little clumpy.   Sam
Check it Affiliate Marketing it's a great way to make a residual income on the side.   Although there is a steep learning curve.   Check the Warrior Forum (it's an internet marketing forum) it will help you get started. Sam    
Just had a horrible break up of a four year relationship with an amazing girl who'd given me four wonderful years.   It's been a shite few weeks, first night out with mates tonight hopefully I won't get drunk and start blubbering.   Sam
Hey guys,   Can anyone recommend me a decent hairdressers obviously I don't want to be travelling to far so a chain would be ideal.   I usually go to a cheap barbers/my mum cuts it (yes that is embarrassing but if it makes it better, she used to be/run a hairdressing business!) so I don't have much knowledge of what makes a "good" hairdressers I've been on some websites but the only photos were of women.   I am from near Reading and don't mind travelling up...
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