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thinking about grabbing as my spring coat. anyone have any experience with it? thinking im gonna go tts.      are the slim fit colored jeans genuinely slim through the leg? anyone know what the leg opening on a pair of 32s or 33s would be like?   sorry if these questions have been answered a million times. 
Anyone get the herringbone pants and were pleased? I'm looking for a 'skinny' wool pant to begin with, probably gonna grab the grey ones in 33, $42 is a steal with the current code.    Just wondering if anyone has a pair in 32 or 33 and could measure out the thigh for me, only thing i'm concerned about, and is the waist sizing consistent with the rest of the lec stuff? 
lurkin forever first post shitty cellphone pic (i'm sorry)   camera angle makes me look fat I suck I wish i had a camera.     
  new record is fantastic too. 
been jamming this a lot recently (for fans of: the 80s, the color black)
Was worried about the chinos being too slim, 'skinny' cuts work fine with jeans, it should end there.   ugh. 
about 24 inches, I have huge thighs haha. Should I just go for the 34s and have the waist taken in? 
thinkin hard about the redemptions. worried about my thigh though, my best fitting pair of pants has about a 12.5'' thigh (my rivets) but none of the sizes that are reasonably close to my waist (true 34) have thighs that big, can I expect them to stretch out? Also what's the deal with the waist, the measurements seem pretty big for their sizes, sorry if I missed something here, but it looks like my normal waist would be the 32s. 
Shoes aren't made by them so I think it's safe to assume they're as high quality as the brands that made them. Everything else will end up on deep discount just like it always does. 
I'm hesitant because the old vintage slim fit chinos fit me pretty well in the thighs, any slimmer would be a problem, and I'm set on chinos for now, not really itching to drop full price on something I know will be a third of that in a month, I'll probably try 'em on in store. 
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