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My take is that regardless of what you are wearing shirt, sweater, jacket the shoulder always looks better when shoulder is right on. So yes this does look a little sloppy.
That's a good point about the fabric's making a difference, that's why I'm not keen on ordering any denim on line. Service at Denim Bar in DC is great.Though I don't think a size up in J Brand would have worked as the waist would become too wide for the bigger leg. When I picked up the N&F Slim Guy this time, I also tried on a pair of 'Big John' really liked how they fit on waist and seat but they only had the slimmer leg so I didn't get those.Mose selvage denim seems to...
 I had picked up the J Brand Kane a while back, but don't wear them at all now as I find the leg to skinny/trendy.On a tagged waist of 30, the actual is now around 35, but the leg is only 7.5.Where as on my APC and N&F the leg is 8.5 which I prefer a lot more.
It also depends if you are bold and want to create some contrast. Lighter colored pants for summer complement tan shoes, where are darker pants for winter contrast with tan shoes.    Check this out:
In my search for straight leg selvage denim I own and like:   APC New Standard around $185 Naked & Famous Slim Guy $140     At a lower price Gap Straight Leg selvage looks workable, MSRP is $98 though Gap has lots of sales. I might pick a pair.
  Ah it's these small details that like the few mm in a belt that most people IRL don't see and only see an overall outfit looking good or otherwise, my significant other does not care about such  details (she finds doing so to be obsessive!), I happen to be interested in identifying them to make outfits work better. I'll post again with all the suggested changes including the smaller 35mm belt.
Thanks for all the pointers! So the belt is 45 mm wide that I typically use with my jeans and I use my other 35 mm wide belt with trousers. My take was wider belts were better for denim, I guess this one is too wide? Ahh I get it the roll would be better beyond the elbow  (it was unseasonably warmer but still not that warm yesterday!)
Good points roll could be neater, I also have a darker pair of jeans on their way (N&F Slim Guy). Would an OCBD not be a little more on the Trad side of things?
Thoughts on fit and combination?           CT Slim Shirt APC NS Denim Loake Pimlico
I have a pair of New Standard's from a year ago in size 31 that have stretched to waist 35, and thigh 12, not sure what the original size was.   Having gained some weight I'm now looking for something with a little more room in both waist and thigh in a straight leg fit, I'm 5'9" 157 lb. On searching around it seems APC has updated their fit according to Context clothing's site, but to get a 12.5 thigh it seems I have to get either new standard's in 'size 35' (waist...
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