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Would you happen to have the measurement from shoulder to shoulder?
Well, if there ever were a time for introductions it would be now! I saw a fair few of you lot down at the launch. I'm Nathan, as seen in the shots just after Christian's.  
My Owen & James package came in yesterday. Excellent fabric and work, Rob. The lapel flower is sweet! Congrats, Jason. [[SPOILER]]
Hello again gents, Just thought that I would post the alteration results of the sack suit that I came here asking for advice on some time ago (for those who remember). I'm fairly happy with the overall results!   [[SPOILER]]
  Cheers mate. I might just swing by this weekend! The whole popped collar thing was completely unintentional, however (for those wondering).
Is there anyone from Melbourne here that can recommend me a tailor? I recently bought a 3-roll-2 herringbone tweed suit, and was looking to get both the jacket and pants slimmed down. Excuse the blurriness; DSLR+No tripod+Bad lighting=Poor focusing.
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