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price drop
Consolidating to a new thread with price drops because the old one cannot be edited now. Here are a few new nice first and decent second quality Thom Browne shirts. Tags on all have been marked through to prevent retail return. Pricing includes shipping CONUS (add $10 to Canada, PM for estimates shipping elsewhere). Click on thumbnails for larger photos Size wise, I have found TB sizing to be one up from Brooks Bros Black Fleece sizing – for example, if you wear...
Now on ebay Update 6/6: outsole measurements double checked and confirmed. Yes, these are labeled 11.5D, but would fit more like US10.5 or 11D. Check photos compared to size 11.5D C&J for Polo Darltons below. These are new and tried on inside only. Label marked through to prevent retail return. Brown Algonquin pebble grain blucher made by C&J – size 11.5D, but fit smaller - outsole measures 12 1/2” long and 4 3/8” at the widest point - now moved to ebay shipped...
price drop
price drops
Quote: Originally Posted by rjsphd Thanks for the headsup. What is it like dealing with threedifferent.com: accuracy returns, etc.? I've not experienced any problems with them on my 3 past orders. Quick shipping from Italy to US. Have not had to return anything.
I already have a couple of the S/S sportcoats and a cotton/linen suit. Great quality for the price. Definitely not crap
Got an email this morning from threedifferent.com about a blowout sale on their Boglioli spring/summer inventory... Suits for $160 Sportcoats for $130 Pants for $48 - great price for very nice (Incotex style) trou Great deals, but beware you will be charged duties in the US - I recently paid $35 duty on a $230 suit from them. Also, Boglioli fits small, so size up on jackets.
Setting loose some items crowding my closet. Prices include shipping in the continental US. PM for shipping estimates elsewhere. * Answers to questions: I refer to old production as those that apparently have been in long term storage - they fit a bit smaller (in length and toebox IMO) than the new production GATs. Old production GATs marked "BW SPORT 290" on sole. Fits size 45/US11-11.5. Tried on inside - scuffs and patina are from longterm storage I presume. ...
Recently bought a couple pairs of MMM GATs and letting this one go. Includes box and bags. Only tried on briefly on carpet. SOLD shipped CONUS Outsole measures 12 3/8" heel to toe + 4 1/4" at the widest point
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