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Just called customer service for the corner...inquired about receiving a price adjustment for a now decreased item and for receiving the 20% discount for the now expired discount code. Managed to get a refund for the price difference on both the discount code and the lower priced item, no questions asked. Excellent customer service.
My guess is that they deactivated it for some reason. It was working earlier and I actually made two purchases with it, so it WAS working no doubt. I have no idea why it stopped working for sure though.
Any idea if corner honors coupon codes for past purchases. I know, email them, but just want to see if anybody had first hand experience with it. Would save me $60.
The price in the cart should be reflective of the 20% VAT discount if you have United States selected as your shipping location. Also note that shipping is $10 for standard.
I sent a return back via USPS after emailing CS prior and had no problems. Ran me about $15 if I remember. UPS was trying to charge $100+. Might be a good idea to have tracking and insurance too though.
Up for sale is a pair of brand new unworn Common Projects Achilles Vintage low in off white suede size 43/10US. The store sent the wrong pair...ordered a grey pair and was sent these. Unfortunately, my size was sold out in the grey pair. I have no need for these now so I'm trying to get rid of them.    Price= $295 $265 $225 shipped minus pp. Pay as gift or add 4%. Price is pretty firm, but I may be open to reasonable offers. May consider international under strict...
Up for sale is a Band of Outsiders Myrtle Green Overdyed Oxford in size small. It is brand-new and never been worn, aside from trying on one or twice. The condition is perfect and it still has that classic BoO slim-fit. Bought from Needsupply brand-new, shipped without tags. My picture quality is absolutely terrible, but the stock photo gives a 100% correct representation of what it looks like.   Price is $110 $90, which includes shipping. Pay as a gift or add 4%....
Round 2: Spring sale at Opening Ceremony. Up to 40% off select styles. Hopefully they sorted out their counterproductive online ordering system.
Up for sale is a pair of like-new crisp pair of APC New Standard Jeans in sz 28 color black. They are still very raw and stiff, and have been worn once a week for a combined total of one week. Bought them in March. There are no fades or anything, and they haven't stretched much at all. They are in the original condition and haven't been altered in any way (condition is flawless as well). I have too many jeans at the moment though and can't find the dedication to commit...
Sure no problem. PM sent.
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