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What's with the personal jab? Sharing an apparent discount > repeat begging for a code
This has potential. That concept art is pretty awesome. Looks like it probably has a lot of plot elements set during WWII or the Cold War era...not too familiar with the comics though.
I see a bunch of rap and a few classics. Any Radiohead fans out there?? New track from the super-band known as Atoms For Peace.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxWBd840E9g
Anybody else have an opinion on this? Any alternative if you don't like it?    
Awesome, thanks. I'll definitely keep my eyes open and plan accordingly.
I'd say I would be going for an overall minimal aesthetic I guess. OCBD's, tees, APC PS, slim chinos, MMM GAT/ CP's.
Pretty new to this. Looking for a minimal jacket, blouson,bomber, etc. to be worn this fall and possibly into winter. Most I've seen seem pretty lightweight, but Georgia doesn't really have a winter (only snowed for about a week last year). Anyway, thoughts on these? They're pretty much the same jacket, only one has a hood and is a bit more expensive. Which would you recommend (I wear beanies so not sure if the hood would be useful much, but I still like the design).   Do...
exact estimate: within the next two weeks. vague estimate: should be getting some soon.    you're trying to argue semantics but you failed to see the point...
Are there any exact estimates on when the other S.N.S. drops will come in? More specifically, the Stark. Trying to stock up on some knitwear.
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