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I'm a skinny ass guy. It's not even that it's too big, maybe a little long. It's more relaxed than what I'm used to that's for sure. But hearing from everyone else, apparently that's the intended fit. fit pic is here.         
I mean I wasn't knocking the fit. The quality of that knit is phenomenal. I just thought it would look 10X better taken in at the body a bit. I'm a skinny guy, and if I'm wearing anything that isn't slim fit, it exaggerates an already small frame and makes it look like something I found out of my dad's closet. In either case, the Ijevan looks amazing and it will probably grow on me the more I get used to the relaxed fit (or maybe I will grow into it).
I just bought the Ijevan cardigan in red. This is actually my first Schneider piece. Fit is pretty slouchy in the body, fits okay in the shoulders and arms. The body pretty much kills it though. I'm 5'9 and the thing has little shape in the body (bought size 3). Maybe I'm too used to slimmer fits.   People more familiar with the brand, are Schneider knits supposed to fit slouchy/oversized (particularly the Ijevan) or are they intended to be fitted (think S.N.S.)?
Sure, check your msgs, PM sent
+1 on the How to Dress Well. New album on the horizon 
-) F/W 2012 Patrik Ervell slim-fit cotton twill jeans NAVY (30)- $185 $175 $145 $130 $105 FINAL DROP (FREE SHIPPING USA; INTERNATIONAL ADD $20) -BNWT, completely unworn except to try on.   -) Acne Roc Satin Chino OLIVE (30)- $80 $70 $60 $50 FINAL DROP (FREE SHIPPING USA; INTERNATIONAL ADD $20) -Still in like new condition. Worn a few times, but no signs of wear or anything. They were treated right. From Fall/Winter 12 collection. SOLD           1) Acne Roc...
20 year old here...awesome thread haha
Also, Iron Man 3 is the first next Marvel movie to drop next summer after the events of the Avengers. So the storyline will segue quite nicely into IM3
Well you have to look at the comparison between the two characters. War Machine is CRUCIAL to the iron-man plot, whereas Portman...not so much. What is she the world of Thor, the love interest of Thor scientist who tried to re-open that bridge, in spite of Thor finding alternative means.   I assume all of that will be further explained and portrayed in detail regarding the IM3 storyline, as opposed to a few lines of dialogue thrown in.   Same thing happened in...
Haha well hollywood is making a turn towards equality, even if slowly. It probably had more to do with script writing and less to do with race, as Marvel likes to make movies in sequence.
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