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Not to mention that a page or two before, I asked the exact same question and got the exact same answer.   2nd shipment: Sometime this month Possible 3rd shipment: Sometime in November
If anybody bought the Stark in size small in a purple melange and are going to return due to it being too small/tight, I'd be interested
Man if I had the chance to see a few of those bands...Well, as was stated before, it all lies in your personal interests. Do you like Electronic? Rap? Indie rock, Alternative rock? I'm an indie rock, electronic guy myself, so here is who I'd like to see.   Dj Shadow (left-field hip-hop/ electronic), Modeselektor (high energy and upbeat- highly recommend), Iron & Wine (good romance, heartbreak/ sorrow, introspection stuff- highly recommend), Neon Indian (indie chillwave...
End sold out of the purple stark before I could buy...really pissed. If anyone bought a size small and doesn't want or is willing to sell, I will match your price, and then some if it comes to it. Really wanted it in that color.
  That's definitely my favorite Grizzly Bear song. You get the new album yet? Absolutely incredible. 
Yeah sure, will have to get to it a bit later though and see if I can work the angles.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean
I'm a skinny ass guy. It's not even that it's too big, maybe a little long. It's more relaxed than what I'm used to that's for sure. But hearing from everyone else, apparently that's the intended fit. fit pic is here.         
I mean I wasn't knocking the fit. The quality of that knit is phenomenal. I just thought it would look 10X better taken in at the body a bit. I'm a skinny guy, and if I'm wearing anything that isn't slim fit, it exaggerates an already small frame and makes it look like something I found out of my dad's closet. In either case, the Ijevan looks amazing and it will probably grow on me the more I get used to the relaxed fit (or maybe I will grow into it).
I just bought the Ijevan cardigan in red. This is actually my first Schneider piece. Fit is pretty slouchy in the body, fits okay in the shoulders and arms. The body pretty much kills it though. I'm 5'9 and the thing has little shape in the body (bought size 3). Maybe I'm too used to slimmer fits.   People more familiar with the brand, are Schneider knits supposed to fit slouchy/oversized (particularly the Ijevan) or are they intended to be fitted (think S.N.S.)?
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